Comparative Medicine Core Facility

Education and training

Mandatory education in laboratory animal science

Before you are allowed to work with laboratory animals, you need education in laboratory animal science. NTNU runs the necessary course in November every year. Similar courses are arranged at the other Universities in Norway. Courses from outside Norway might also cover parts of your education. The course should include practical training with the relevant species.

Contact the facility for more information.


Practical training and competence

You are not allowed to perform any procedures without the necessary level of competence. If you are planning to perform a new task/procedure and have not received adequate training, contact your supervisor or the head of the facility and schedule time for training. This is required by law, and is important to secure a safe working environment and optimal treatment of the laboratory animals.

You should keep a record of all your competencies, using this form: Documentation of competency

Send the form to head of facility after learning a new procedure.


Continuing personal development

Everyone involved in working with laboratory animals must keep their competence in laboratory animal science up to date though continuing personal development, as required by the Regulation on animal experimentation. This can be done by attending courses, conferences and training sessions, externally, in house and online. Information about relevant courses will be posted on this website. Each person is responsible for keeping a record of their continuing education. This documentation should be available for inspection by the head of facility and by the authoritites at request.

Please read FELASAs recommendations on the subject:

Guidelines for Continuing Education for Persons Involved in Animal Experiments - FELASA Working Group

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