Comparative Medicine Core Facility

Project start-up checklist

Before you start your research project you need to:

  1. Apply for an ethical approval of your research project in FOTS. For access to FOTS, contact the scientific leader.
  2. Hand in an HSE declaration for the project. This is necessary to make sure your project is planned and performed in a safe manner. Send the declaration to the scientific leader.
  3. After getting the approval in FOTS, you might order your animals. For more information, read General rules and information.
  4. Register for the bookingsystem, iLAB.
  5. Book time for your project in the bookingsystem.

For more infomation please read procedures on project start-up (pdf) (in Norwegian)


Planning of your experiment

A thorough planning of your experiment is essential for maintaning good animal welfare, for implementation of the 3Rs and for getting reliable experimental results. Here you can find links to information that might help you in the planning process. (Some of the links require access to SAGE).

PREPARE - guidelines for planning animal research and testing

PREPARE checklist

SYRCLE - SYstematic Review Center for Laboratory animal Experimentation

Norecopa - a Norwegian website with a lot of information and links related to the 3Rs

Review Article - A step-by-step guide to systematically identify all relevant
animal studies (pdf+html)

Guidance for the Description of Animal Research in Scientific Publications (pdf)

NC3Rs ARRIVE Guidelines (pdf)

Experimental Design Assistant (free web based resource from the NC3Rs)

Interactive short course on experimental design for research workers