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Project Members

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People - Gary Love

Associate Professor Gary Love

Department og Language and Literature, NTNU

Gary Love completed his PhD dissertation entitled ‘Conservatives, National Politics, and the Challenge to Democracy in Britain in the 1930s’ at the University of Cambridge in 2010. Since then he has written a number of articles on different aspects of British Conservatism from the 1920s to the 1950s, including the Conservative Party’s intellectual cultures, Conservative-leaning periodicals, right-wing women’s political activism, and the Tory Reform Committee. He has published in the journals The Historical Journal, Journal of Contemporary History, Contemporary British History, and Twentieth Century British History. He is now working on a number of projects relating to the history of Conservatism in Britain and Europe, including a monograph on intellectual cultures of Conservatism in Britain between 1924 and 1964.

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Project Members

People - Torbjorn Nilsson

Professor Torbjörn Nilsson

Researcher, Södertörn University, Stockholm

Torbjörn Nilsson wrote his PhD dissertation on the Swedish Upper Chamber in the late part of the 19th Century (1994). For many years he has participated in projects on Nordic political history (the Swedish-Norwegian Union, the Constitution in Eidsvoll 1814), often in collaboration with Norwegian researchers. He was also the principal investigator of a major research project on the Conservative Party in Sweden (1999-2004), which resulted in a monograph on the Party´s first hundred years (1904-2004). He has also researched other topics, including local politics in Stockholm, the Swedish-speaking group in Finland, and state administration in Sweden. His latest book, Torgslaget 1829. Myter och minnen om ett norsk-svenskt drama, tells the story of an almost mythic event in Christiania.

People - Christian Egander Skov

Postdoctor Christian Egander Skov

Department of Language and Literature, NTNU

Christian Egander Skov wrote his PhD dissertation at Aarhus University on the topic of modernity and democracy within Danish interwar conservatism. He has dealt specifically with the interplay between the moderate, reactionary and radical wings of the movement. The work has resulted in the book Konservatisme i mellemkrigstiden. In addition, he has dealt with various other topics concerning the intellectual history of conservatism.

People - Terje Grytbak Wold

PhD Candidate Terje Grytbak Wold

Department of Langauge and Literature, NTNU

Terje Grytbak Wold wrote his Master’s thesis at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, on Norway’s role as a member country of the International Tin Council 1985-1990. This international organization administered the international Tin agreement, a commodity agreement that aimed to ensure stable prices, which was joined by both consumer and producer countries. When the International Tin Council went bankrupt in 1985, the member countries had to handle a series of lawsuits from its debtors and fellow traders on the London Metal Exchange. The thesis shows how a small state navigated through a complex diplomatic crisis, which involved other states, private companies, banks, and commodity traders. Terje Grytbak Wold’s PhD project will investigate the influence of foreign intellectual ideas on the Norwegian Conservative Party between 1930 and 1963.