NTNU Digital Transformation stakeholder workshop

NTNU Digital Transformation stakeholder workshop

– June 8, 2021

Digital transformation illustration

At the stakeholder workshop on digital transformation we shared experiences and discussed possibilities regarding the digital transformation of health services, manufacturing and processing industry, sustainability and citizen involvement.

Time and place: The workshop was held as a digital meeting on June 8.




10.05: Digital transformation in Norway – now and in the future,
the Minister of Regional Development and Digitalisation, Linda Hofstad Helleland.

10.20: Competitiveness in the age of digital transformation,
Policy Director in Abelia, Nils-Ola Widme.

10:35: Citizen involvement in a digital society

11.20: Digital transformation and sustainability

11.45: Digital transformation of health services

12.10: Lunch

12.45: Digital transformation of manufacturing and processing industry

13.15: Parallel sessions with roundtable discussions

Discussions in the parallel sessions are mainly for stakeholders with direct invitations, but you are welcome to listen in and ask questions in the chat.

  • Session A: Engaging Digital Citizens for a Better World
    Speakers and stakeholder participants:
    • Kristin Solhaug Næss, Trondheim Municipality
    • Marianne Barland, The Norwegian Board of Technology
    • Øyvind Tanum, Trondheim Municipality
    • Christer Johnsen, Adresseavisen
    • Eirin Larsen, Adresseavisen
    • Magnus Mühlbradt, the Norwegian Data Protection Authority
    • Alexandra Angeletaki, NTNU Brussels Office
  • Session B: How will digital transformation influence sustainability?
    Speakers and stakeholder participants:
    • Helge Brattebø, NTNU Sustainability
    • Stig Omholt, NTNU Biotechnology
  • Session C: Trust and ownership of health data in a digital transformed healthcare system
    Speakers and stakeholder participants:
    • Anamaria Vizitiu, Siemens Healthineers
    • Kristian Hveem, NTNU HUNT
  • Session D: Digital transformation of manufacturing and processing industry
    Chair: Professor Heidi Dreyer, NTNU
    Speakers and panelists:
    • Duncan Akporiaye, SINTEF - DigiPro Center for Innovation-based Research
    • Isak Rathe Støre, Yara
    • Gunnar Maltsev Hansen, Elkem
    • Håvard Buhaug, Sandvik Teeness
    • Øyvind Malmanger, AkerSolutions
    • Davar Hemyari, Benteler

14.45: Plenary session.

Brief summary and concluding remarks



Digital transformation opens a wealth of opportunities. It also exposes us to several societal challenges. NTNU aims to contribute with research-based knowledge to enhance the competitiveness of existing and emerging Norwegian industry and to improve public sector functions, while ensuring societal development in tune with the expectations of Norwegian citizens.

NTNU established the Digital Transformation initiative in 2018 to pursue transformative research on the development and application of digital transformation technology. The initiative consists of 48 PhD positions in nine interdisciplinary projects from various fields, and with various potential impact areas.

At the workshop we will look closer at the areas of:

  • Citizen involvement in a digital society
  • Influence of digital transformation on sustainability
  • Trust and ownership of health data in a digital transformed healthcare system
  • Digital transformation of manufacturing and processing industry

Goals for the workshop

For the presentations and discussion we invite existing and potential collaborators and end-users, and others for whom the knowledge gained from NTNU’s Digital Transformation initiative can be relevant.

The goals are to discuss and share knowledge, experiences, and expectations, and to identify relevant areas where research can help close knowledge-gaps. This will lay the foundation for closer cooperation between researchers and stakeholders and thus more targeted impact of research-based knowledge.