Background and activities

My research deals with various aspects of second and third language acquisition, i.e., the acquisition of language(s) after early childhood. I'm interested in both theoretical and applied aspects of acquisition. Most of my work is on English. In particular, I am interested in how languages influence each other in the multilingual mind, the role of age in language acquisition, and in the relationship between implicit and explicit learning. I am also interested in multilingualism in a broad sense, and in multilingualism and language acquisition in schools.

I am one of the directors of Flere språk til flere Trondheim, whose aim is to communicate research-based knowledge about multilingualism, and I am a member of the research groups AcqVA: Acquisition, Variation, Attrition FANT - Forskergruppe for andre- og tredjespråk, and VOCLEX - VOCabulary and the multilingual mental LEXicon.

I am Principal Investigator in the project Cross-linguistic Influence in Multilingual Acquisition (CLIMA), funded by the Research Council of Norway, and also a team member in the Polish-Norwegian projects Across-domain investigations in multilingualism: Modeling L3 acquisition in diverse settings (ADIM) og Cross-linguistic influence in multilingualism across domains: Phonology and syntax (CLIMAD).

I am also responsible for the topic of English in the Norwegian encyclopedia Store norske leksikon. , and a representative to the National Academic Council for English and to the Board of the Faculty of Humanities at NTNU.

Competence and academic interests:
- Second language acquisition
- Third language acquisition
- Age and language acquisition
- Multilingualism
- Multilingualism in education
- English in Norway

I mainly teach courses in language acquisition and multilingualism.

I'm happy to supervise theses on second and third language acquisition inside and outside the classroom, from theoretical or applied perspectives. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

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