VOCLEX - VOCabulary and the multilingual mental LEXicon

VOCLEX - VOCabulary and the multilingual mental LEXicon


VOCLEX (VOCabulary and the multilingual mental LEXicon) is a group focused on vocabulary research (both in first and second languages), including vocabulary acquisition, vocabulary comprehension and production, the mental lexicon, and vocabulary use in society.

Our members research vocabulary-related topics across various languages, including English, French, Spanish, and German. Our focus is on discussing ongoing projects and relevant research, and sharing experiences and expertise related to vocabulary testing and research design, including developing and sharing results from our own research.

The group is currently working on a project investigating language practices across different departments and units at NTNU, as perceived by international staff (those who did not grow up in Norway), and how these may influence their participation in the workplace. We ask whether international staff experience obstacles to reaching a level of Norwegian where they can fully participate in all activities, what these obstacles may be, and what areas of their work life are most challenging in this respect. We also ask about activities and strategies that the participants themselves find helpful to reaching the desired level of Norwegian. The aim is to inform policy-making both locally at NTNU and, in turn, nationally, to ensure that language policies contribute to international staff reaching the necessary level of Norwegian in a manner which is conducive to learning and motivation, avoids stigmatization for those who struggle with the language, and is based on the needs of the international staff themselves.

Projects and activities

Projects and activities

Experiences of Norwegian and English among international staff at NTNU

Effects of early experiences with extramural English



Receptive Academic Vocabulary Knowledge Among First and Third Year Upper Secondary Students in Norway (Working title) by Tilde Holm Lund (Supervisor: Nicole Busby)

21.04.23 Presentation of master project about learning vocabulary from reading fiction texts – Ina Marie Kvithyll

30.03.23 Presentation of master project about the effects of computer games in the English classroom on vocabulary size – Anne Kristine Skaug

27.11.23 Presentations for Vocab@Vic – Kimberly Skjelde & Nicole Busby

Conference presentations

Busby, Nicole Louise. (2023) Exploring effects of early extramural English exposure on university students’ current L2 vocabulary. European Second Language Association EuroSLA32 , Birmingham, UK 2023-08-30 - 2023-09-02

Listhaug, Kjersti Faldet; Dahl, Anne; Nygård, Gro; Angelsen, Anja Katrine; Busby, Nicole Louise. (2023) Experiences of Norwegian and English among international staff at NTNU - some preliminary findings . Norsk i akademia (NINjA), UiB Forskningssamling om språk i høgare utdanning , Bergen 2023-12-07 - 2023-12-07

Listhaug, Kjersti Faldet; Angelsen, Anja Katrine; Dahl, Anne; Nygård, Gro; Busby, Nicole Louise. (2023) Erfaring med norsk og engelsk blant internasjonalt ansatte ved NTNU - forskningsbaserte råd til institusjonene. Språkpolitisk utval ved UiB, Norsk i akademia (NINJA), UiB Språkpolitikk i UH-sektoren. Norskkompetanse i akademia – frå ord til handling , Bergen 2023-12-06 - 2023-12-06

Busby, Nicole Louise. (2023) Insights from reflections on early extramural English: Benefits for teaching and research. Vocab@Vic , Wellington, New Zealand 2023-12-13 - 2023-12-15


Other presentations

Busby, Nicole Louise; Angelsen, Anja Katrine; Dahl, Anne; Nygård, Gro; Listhaug, Kjersti Faldet. (2023) Experiences of Norwegian and English among international staff at NTNU. Språkpolitisk utvalg, NTNU 2023-12-01 - 2023-12-01

MA theses

Nordfjellmark, Konrad (2022) Extramural activities, different types of gaming and the effect on Norwegian teenagers' English language proficiency (Supervised by Anne Dahl)

Thi Kim Dung Phan (2021) The Influence of Extramural English Input on the English Proficiency of Vietnamese Students (Supervised by Anne Dahl)

Maren Langen Kjellmark (2021) La taille du vocabulaire chez des étudiants de français au niveau universitaire en Norvège [Vocabulary size in students of French at university level in Norway]. (Supervised by Kjersti Faldet Listhaug)

Odd-Karsten Reiten Nordnes (2021) TV, reading, gaming and gaining? A quantitative study on the effects of extramural exposure to authentic English in Norwegian fifteen-year-old L2 learners (Supervised by Anne Dahl)

Else Maria Rolsted Lie (2023) La taille du vocabulaire français chez des élèves au niveau lycéen en Norvège [Vocabulary size in students of French at upper secondary level in Norway] (Supervised by Kjersti Faldet Listhaug)

Maren Helene Kalhagen (2023) Norwegian first-graders’ English vocabulary knowledge and exposure to extramural English (supervised by Nicole Busby)

Ina Marie Kvithyll (2023) A novel approach: Investigating factors that predict and impact vocabulary acquisition through fiction literature in the Norwegian ESL classroom (supervised by Nicole Busby)