Background and activities

About Anniken Karlsen

Department Head at the Department of ICT and Natural Sciences at NTNU.

  • Member of the management team at the IE faculty.
  • Member of the local management team at NTNU in Aalesund.
  • Member of the IDUN project steering committee at NTNU. 
  • Ph.D. in Information Science from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Bergen.
  • Master of Information Technology, speciality in Health Informatics, from The University of Aalborg.
  • Siviløkonom from The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) with one year full teacher training.
  • Computer Engineer from Møre and Romsdal University College of Engineering.
  • Research interests: Digitalisation, sustainability through digital transformation and related fields. A key objective is to contribute strategic ICT competence, improvement tools and techniques for increased sustainability.
  • Member of the Strategic Research Area Group Digital Enterprise at the IE faculty.
  • Member of the Sustainability Analytics research arena´s steering group. 
  • Member of the TEFT-lab steering committee at NTNU in Aalesund.
  • Member of the Arena for eHealth management team at NTNU in Aalesund.
  • Member of the liaison body for the cooperation agreement between NTNU and OSC.
  • Member of the steering group for the University-municipality collaboration "Smart sustainable societies" between NTNU and Aalesund municipality.
  • Lecturing and speeches within Information Science and Digital Economics.
  • Supervisor for bachelor students, master students and PhD candidates.
  • PhD candidates (main supervisor): Wajeeha NasarAhmed M. Ibrahim
  • PhD candidates (co-supervisor): Kristina NevstadAnne Strand Alfredsen Larsen,  Wenqiang CuiSyed Hammad Hussain ShahSaumitra Dwivedi.

  • Reviewer for a variety of national and international publishers (conferences, journals, books).
  • Committee/Chair work (selection): 

The International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, SIMULTECH 2020: Member of the International Program Committee.

The International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management, ICITM 2020: Technical Program Committee member (TPC).

The International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, SIMULTECH 2019: International Program Committee member.

NOKOBIT journal, 2018: Editorial Committee Member.

NIKT 2018: Program Committee Co-Chair.

The International Conference on Modeling and Applied Simulation, MAS 2017: International Program Committee Member (IPC).

The International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, SIMULTECH 2017: International Program Committee Member (IPC).

The International Conference on Circuits, System and Simulation, ICCSS 2017: International Technical Committee (ITC) Member.

Norwegian Conference in Information Science, NOKOBIT 2017: Editorial Committee Member, Co-chair.

Norwegian conference for teaching and didactics in IT subjects, UDIT 2017:  Program Committee Member.

Norwegian Conference in Information Science, NOKOBIT 2016: Editorial Committee Member, Member of Program Committee.

Norwegian conference for teaching and didactics in IT subjects, UDIT 2016: Member of the UDIT Program Committee.

The International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, SIMULTECH 2016:  International Program Committee Member (IPC).

WeLead 2016 /ICE: Chair of International Workshop. Best Workshop Award.

NOKOBIT-NISK 2015: Co-chair.

NIK-NOKOBIT-NISK 2015: Organizer and Program Committee member.

The International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, SIMULTECH 2015: International Program Committee Member (IPC).

The European Conference on Modeling and Simulation, ECMS 2015: International Program Committe member/SVT track.

Please refer to the Current Research Information System in Norway, CRISTIN, or CV for further details. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Artistic productions

  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2020) Fotoillustrasjoner til boken Brukermedvirkning i helsetjenesten - realitet eller retorikk?. Michael 2020; 17: Supplement 24. Publication Series of the Norwegian Medical Society, Oslo. 2020.


  • Karlsen, Anniken Th; Persson, Anne; Gudfinnsson, Kristens. (2017) Kontinuerlig endringsarbeid : Helhetlig virksomhetsledelse. Fagbokforlaget. 2017. ISBN 9788245021318.

Part of book/report

  • Nasar, Wajeeha; Karlsen, Anniken Th; Hameed, Ibrahim A.. (2020) A Conceptual Model Of An IOT-Based Smart And Sustainable Solid Waste Management System: A case Study Of A Norwegian Municipality. Proceedings of the 34th International ECMS - Conference on Modelling and Simulation - ECMS 2020.
  • Hansen, Irina-Emily; Karlsen, Anniken Susanne Thoresen; Mork, Ola Jon; Mørk, Max Ingar; Persson, Anne. (2016) Planning for waste minimization at a factory floor: a student Project to support smarter home Production practices. SEFI Annual Conference: Engineering Education on Top of the World: Industry University Cooperation.
  • Persson, Anne; Karlsen, Anniken; Gudfinnsson, Kristens. (2015) Towards a generic goal model to support continuous improvement in SME construction companies. The Practice of Enterprise Modeling: 8th IFIP WG 8.1. Working Conference, PoEM 2015, Valencia, Spain, November 10-12, 2015, Proceedings.
  • Wang, Hao; Karlsen, Anniken; Engelseth, Per. (2015) Big data for the Norwegian maritime industry. Network security and communication engineering : Proceedings of the 2014 International conference on network security and communication engineering (NSCE2014), Hong Kong, December 25-26, 2014.
  • Karlsen, Anniken; Opdahl, Andreas Lothe. (2012) Enterprise modeling practice in a turnaround project. NOKOBIT 2012 :Universitetet i Nordland 19. - 21. november 2012 : Norsk konferanse for organisasjoners bruk av informasjonsteknologi.
  • Engelseth, Per; Karlsen, Anniken; Verwaart, Tim. (2011) Modelling Fresh Strawberry Supply "From-Farm-to-Fork" as a Complex Adaptive Network. Proceedings of the 5th International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks.
  • Karlsen, Anniken. (2011) Enterprise modeling practice in ICT-enabled process change. The Practice of Enterprise Modeling.
  • Engelseth, Per; Karlsen, Anniken; Mork, Ola Jon. (2010) "Product Value" as Boundary Object in Maritime Supply (case study). Configuring Next Generation Supply Chains : Abstracts of papers presented at the 15th International Symposium on Logistics (ISL 2012) : July 4th-7th, 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Alm, Kristian; Engelseth, Per; Karlsen, Anniken. (2009) Discourses of implementing information systems in corporate merger : a case study from the food exporting industry. System dynamics and innovation in Food networks 2009 : proceedings of the 3rd International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in food Nettworks, February 16-02, 2009, Innsbruck-Igls, Austria.
  • Engelseth, Per; Karlsen, Anniken. (2008) A Provisional Framework for Studying Information Connectivity in Food Networks. System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks : Proceedings of the 2nd International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks.
  • Karlsen, Anniken. (2008) A research model for enterprise modeling in ICT-enabled process change. 1st IFIP WG 8.1 Conference, PoEM (15:20008:Stockholm) : The practice of enterprise modeling.
  • Karlsen, Anniken; Engelseth, Per. (2008) Packages and information connectivity in supply networks. Nordic Logistics Conference (20 : 2008 : Helsinki, Finland) : Beyond business logistics.



  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2020) Med blikk mot fortid, nåtid og framtid - Motivasjonsforedrag for nye jenter ved NTNU årsstudium: Forkurs for ingeniør- og sivilingeniørutdanning, 3-årig ingeniørutdanning: Byggingeniør, Dataingeniør, Elektroingeniør, Fornybar energi, Maskiningeniør, Skipsdesign, 3-årig bachelor: Nautikk, 2-årig masterutdanning: Produkt- og systemdesign, Simulering og visualisering, Skipsdesign. Velkomstdag for nye jenter . NTNU, Jenteprosjektet Ada; NTNU i Ålesund, Beddingen. 2020-08-09.
  • Nasar, Wajeeha; Karlsen, Anniken Th; Hameed, Ibrahim A.; Dwivedi, Saumitra. (2020) An Optimized IoT-based Waste Collection and Transportation Solution: A Case Study of a Norwegian Municipality. 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Technologies and Applications INTAP 2020 . NTNU and University of Agder; Gjøvik. 2020-09-28 - 2020-09-30.
  • Sørbø, Marie Flem; Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2020) Videopresentasjon om temaet digitale helsetjenester i forbindelse med lansering av boken Brukermedvirkning i helsetjenesten - realitet eller retorikk?. Forskningsdagene 2020 ; 2020-09-18.
  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2019) Inspirasjonsforedrag - Jenter og teknologi. Jenteprosjektet Ada - NTNU . NTNU; NMK - Møretanken. 2019-02-07 - 2019-02-07.
  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2019) Lederskap i fremtiden: Kontinuerlig endring - Digitale muliggjørende teknologier. Guest lecture at the Spilka/Vello Management Workshop . Spilka/Vello; Hjelset, Gamle Stokke-fabrikken. 2019-06-21 - 2019-06-21.
  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2018) Digital transformation - opportunities and challenges. The International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research in Information Technology (IPIT) kickoff meeting ; 2018-06-04 - 2018-06-06.
  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2018) Helhetlig virksomhetsledelse, digitalisering og programledelse for organisering og gjennomføring av endring. Lunch med innhold . NTNU Universitetsbiblioteket; Ålesund. 2018-02-22 - 2018-02-22.
  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2018) Muliggjørende teknologier; ledelse i den nye tid. Nettverksmøte med tema Endringsledelse og digitalisering Offentlig · . Arrangør: DND Vest Nordvestlandet og Den norske dataforening; NTNU i Ålesund. 2018-11-27 - 2018-11-27.
  • Øien, Geir Egil Dahle; Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2018) Our Digital Future – Upcoming opportunities and challenges. Innotown 2018 pre-event . NTNU; Innovasjonsareaen ved NTNU. 2018-05-29 - 2018-05-29.
  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2017) Digitization as a driver for green competitiveness. Future businesses. SISVI and Network for Green Growth Breakfast Seminar: Grønn konkurransekraft . ÅKP Blue Innovation Arena; Norwegian Maritime Competence Center. 2017-09-28 - 2017-09-28.
  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2017) Velkommen til Ada velkomstdag - Hvem var og er Ada?. Ada velkomstdag . Jenteprosjektet Ada; NTNU i Ålesund. 2017-08-15 - 2017-08-15.
  • Karlsen, Anniken Th; Persson, Anne; Gudfinnsson, Kristens. (2017) Ressursmateriell: Kontinuerlig endringsarbeid. Fagbokforlaget, 2017.
  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2016) Competition as a motivator within Software Engineering courses. CoPCSE . Community of Practice for Computer Science Educators@NTNU; Gjøvik. 2016-01-13 - 2016-01-13.
  • Karlsen, Anniken. (2015) Enterprise Modeling and Lean principles and practices as techniques to tackle business challenges. Fundator Seminar . Fundator; Hotel Augustin, Trondheim. 2015-10-15 - 2015-10-16.
  • Karlsen, Anniken Th. (2013) Enterprise modeling: An exposé of frameworks, approaches and tools. Research seminar at the Mechatronics Lab . NTNU i Ålesund; Ålesund. 2013-01-11 - 2013-01-11.
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