Background and activities

About Anniken Karlsen

  • Department Head at the Department of ICT and Natural Sciences at NTNU

  • Member of the management team at the IE faculty

  • Member of the local management team at NTNU in Aalesund 

  • Ph.D. in Information Science from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Bergen 

  • Master of Information Technology, speciality in Health Informatics, from The University of Aalborg

  • Siviløkonom from The Norwegian School of Business and Administration (NHH) with one year full teacher training

  • Computer Engineer from Møre and Romsdal University College of Engineering

Corresponding to her formal education, Dr. Anniken Karlsen's research interests span the fields of Technology Strategy,  Systems Development, Corporate Governance, Change Management and Service Innovation.

She has lectured a number of topics, including Datamodelling and Databases, Systems Development and Modeling, Practical Project Management and development of E-commerce applications.

Karlsen has done empirical research within a range of sectors, such as the maritime, the marine, offshore, food, health, consultancy and banking. She has participated in the SmallBuild+ EUREKA Eurostar research project, addressing survival and growth within the construction sector. A main goal is to contribute strategic ICT skills, improvement tools and techniques  for increased financial sustainability. 

In addition to doing research, development and lecturing at the intersection of technology and organizational development, Karlsen, among others, is a Board member of NOKOBIT and participates in the management team of ExcITEd (Centre for Excellent IT Education) and TEFT.

Please refer to her CV or CRISTIN (the Current Research Information System in Norway) for further details. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Karlsen, Anniken Th; Persson, Anne; Gudfinnsson, Kristens. (2017) Kontinuerlig endringsarbeid : Helhetlig virksomhetsledelse. Fagbokforlaget. 2017. ISBN 9788245021318.

Part of book/report

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