Science Conversations @NTNU: Diversity in research benefits social development

Science Conversations @NTNU: Diversity in research benefits social development 

NTNU’s webinar series for ambitious researchers – 11

 Thursday 12 May 2022

Conversations topics at the webinar

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Conversation topics at the webinar

Research produces knowledge that develops the society we live in. As researchers, we influence our own research through our background, who we are and the environment we grew up in. By ensuring broad participation in research, with attention to diversity and gender inclusion, we also cultivate research that benefits all citizens of our global community. How do we ensure research that considers different perspectives and that creates many valuable ideas for the development of society? As a researcher, how can you contribute to research that includes diversity and gender equality perspectives? How does diversity in project participation create an inclusive and healthier work environment?

In this webinar, you will meet researchers who have experienced how broad participation in research can improve the quality of research results, with good examples of how to work to achieve knowledge that benefits all citizens.

Panel and facilitator webinar 11

 The panellists


Siri Øyslebø Sørensen, photo.

Professor and
Head of Center for Gender Research
Siri Øyslebø Sørensen

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Faculty of Humanities


Aslak Steinsbekk, photo.

Aslak Steinsbekk

Department of Public Health and Nursing, Factulty of Medicine and Health Sciences


Anniken Susanne T. Karlsen. Photo.

Associate Professor, Ombudsperson for gender equality and diversity 
Anniken Susanne T. Karlsen

Department of ICT and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering


Nancy Bazilchuk, photo.

Senior Adviser
Nancy Bazilchuk

Communication Division, Research and Innovation Communication