Background and activities

I am a sociologist, specialized in gender studies and social studies of science and technology (STS), thus also trained in interdisciplinary approaches. In previous research I have studied policymaking processes and organizations with a main interest in how difference, categorizations and inequality is produced and changed. In my work I pursue a deeper understanding sociocultural processes and dynamics.

Currently I work as a researcher on the project “Gender equality from below – towards a gender balanced NTNU 2025”, an action research project aiming at providing knowledge relevant for enhancing gender balance in scientific positions at NTNU. The work also concerns processes of inclusion and investigations of career paths and opportunities in academia today.

In my PhD project I explored how a gender equality reform managed to have a political breakthrough and studied both social actions and discursive events. The main goal of my thesis was to understand how deliberate decisions and arbitrary events interweave and are handled in policymaking, and further to explore how gender is construed in the making of gender equality politics. I drew on feminist theories, STS approaches and organizational theory in my work. In my post doc project I studied how idealism and professional motivations are entangled amongst managers in the non-profit sector. I have also worked as senior researcher on a project addressing management of agricultural land, exploring how environmentalists have been gradually engaged in the controversy leading to a shift from seeing the agricultural land as ”man made” towards an understanding how the soil as such is nature, hence not reducible to monetary value.

I am experienced in various qualitative methods: interviews (individual & groups), media analysis, document analysis, and action research (i.e. facilitating workshops etc.). I use the atlas.ti software for data coding. 

Research interests:   

  • Gender, equality and inclusion
  • Organization, change and learning
  • Contemporary culture
  • Policy making
  • Feminism
  • Environmental activism

Participation in ongoing research projects:

Previous projects:

Other activities:

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

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