Background and activities

I have 15 years of experience in use and development of methods for life cycle assessment (LCA), mainly applied to oil/gas extraction, transport and infrastructure, and space technologies, as well as numerous other land based industries. I was co-founder and manager of the LCA consultancy MiSA, and I have worked as researcher and lecturer in adjunct positions at NTNU, University of Agder (UiA) Department of engineering science, and UiT - The Arctic University of Norway Department of arctic and marine biology. I have also been engaged in the establishment and development of innovation clusters within the aquaculture supply industry, and water technologies.

My research interests are the environmental aspects of production and product development, and I am mainly working with aquaculture and product manufacturing. I teach aluminium product innnovation in cooperation with NAPIC, and lead the life cycle assessment work in the recently started H2020 project RemovAl investigating possible uses of bauxitt residue (red mud) from primary aluminium production.

Research, to me, is most exciting when it allows insights into actual product systems. I seek partners for sustainable engineering and increased competitiveness in Norwegian and European industry.

I am study program director for energy and sustainability at the Faculty of Engineering, and study proram manager for the international master studies at the Industrial Ecology Programme:


  • TEP4295 Environmental analysis and industrial ecology (course coordinator)
  • TEP4225 Energy and environment (lecturer)
  • TMM4285 Life cycle performance of aluminium products (lecturer)

I regularly contribute lectures in sustainability and sustainability assessment for marine resources and aquaculture, manufacturing and metallurgy. 


UiT Environmental waste management (EWMA) - petroleum and mineral industry in cold environment

Smart Water Cluster Norwegian water technology innnovation cluster (2011-2016)

NCE Aquatech Cluster Norwegian Centre of Expertise in sustainable aquaculture technology (2017--)

RemovAl - Removing the waste streams from the primary Aluminum production in Europe (2018-2022)

See here an overview of my research project and masterstudent involvements.  

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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