Background and activities

Katina is an Associate Professor at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology since January 2018. She was the Deputy Head of Department for 2 years, in the period 2019-2020. She received the MSc. degree in wireless and mobile communications from the Institute of Telecommunications, Ss. Cyril and Methodis University - Skopje, Macedonia, in 2012 and the Ph.D. degree from Department of Telematics, NTNU - Trondheim, Norway, in 2016.

She was a visitor in the ISN research group at Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College - London, UK during autumn semester 2017.

Katina is one of the key scientists in the Digital Transformation project - Trust and Transparency in Digital Society Through Blockchain Technology, and a moderator of the monthly webinars.

She is a co-founder at MemoScale AS. MemoScale is a provider of software solutions for data protection and compression in storage systems. 

Supervision of PhD students 

  • Kashif Mehmood (supervisor), Topic: Autonomous intent-driven SLA assurance and decomposition for next generation verticals and networks
  • Ali Esmaeily (supervisor), Topic: Network slicing in 5G
  • Sahana Sridhar (co-supervisor), Topic: Codes for low-latency communication in B5G
  • H. V. Kalpanie Mendis (co-supervisor), Topic: 5G Network Slicing for Smart Distribution Grids
  • Aida Akbarzadeh (co-supervisor), Topic: Dependency based risk analysis in Cyber Physical Systems
  • Anton Hasselgren (co-supervisor), Topic: Building and maintaining trust in virtual care environments with blockchain
  • Mayank Raikwar (co-supervisor), Topic: Innovative cryptography for innovative blockchain services

Supervision of Master students



  • H2020 EIC SME INSTRUMENT-2-2018-2020
  • Innovation Norway, 2016
  • Research Council of Norway, Program on Commercializing R&D Results (FORNY 2020), 2015
  • Research Council of Norway, Program on Commercializing R&D Results (FORNY 2020), 2014
  • NTNU Discovery, 2013
  • Brukerstyrt Regional Innovasjonsarena (BRIA), 2013



  • Systematic coding technique for erasure correction, US Patent App. 16/065,478 (granted)
  • Systematic coding technique, GB Patent 2,538,110 B (granted)
  • Systematic coding technique for distributed storage systems, WO Patent 2016180727A1 (granted)
  • Network coding over gf (2), US Patent App. 14/902,251 (granted)
  • Systematic coding technique, US Patent 9,430,443 (granted)
  • Coding in galois fields with reduced complexity, US Patent WO2015197413A1 (granted)
  • Network coding over gf (2), US Patent App. 20160373210A1 (granted)
  • Locally Repairable Erasure Codes, Application No. GB1608441.0 (pending)
  • Regenerating - Locally Repairable Codes, Application No. GB1613575.8 (pending)
  • Regenerating - Locally Repairable Codes, Application No. GB1616704.1 (pending)

Media coverage

Additional Activities