Background and activities

Are you interested in developing projects on real estate (RE), facility management (FM) or service management (SM)? Do you have an idea or challenge which is global, european, nordic or national? If so, I would be very interested in talking with you!

My everyday research and teaching focus revolves around sustainable business, value creation and digital transformation within a variety of industries. When possible, I tune my focus toward real estate, facility management (which is part of the AEC industry) and the ICT industry, as my education and experience is within these industries. 

I am always on the lookout to increase and deepen collaborations with and between industry/practice, students, and research, and work steadily to advance practice-near education and research, enabling quicker transformation. 

I am passionate about facility management (FM, incl. facility services) in the broadest sense, ranging from strategic to operational perspectives. I enjoy developing good ideas and are on a constant outlook for new connections and opportunities. I am eager to collaborate and develop on any idea you might have, whether your need is consultancy, development or research. I am particularly interested in projects related to innovation.

I have a special interest for all themes that relate to REFM + SM, ranging from market dynamics to peoples' balance between work and life, and I am keen to contribute to practice, research and education. I enjoy supervising students and eager to develop and collaborate on research projects. 

My interests include innovation, sustainability, use of new technology (e.g. BIM, IoT, big data, robotics, AI, AR) and themes that touch upon disciplines such as engineering, chemistry, sociology, management/economics, ergonomics, health, history and more. I have a particular passion for usability of workplaces, especially for operational personnel. My background is from the cleaning industry, which is reflected in my work.

As a person, I like to inspire and to motivate people and organizations. I enjoy making peoples eyes sparkle, to bring forth curiosity and joy. I love enabling them to accomplish tasks, and overcome thresholds, they never imagined they would be able to.

If you would like to collaborate, I am happy to schedule a meeting with you.


Roles and other committee works

Committee chair SN/K226 Facilty manamgement 

Elected observatory memeber NBEF board (Norwegian Building and Real Estate Association)

Board memeber NFSR (Norwegian Association for Services and Cleaning)

Editorial Advisory board member Facilities

Board member CREON



TPK 4200 Creating value and sustainable business through digital transformation (DIGTRANS)


Research project involvement

Centre for Green shift in the Built Environment


Bridging the gap (NRC, 2021-2024); Digital twin for FM and datause in operation phase

ProDiT (Erasmus+); Projects for Digital transformation


Current PhD candidates

Bejtush Ademi; Sustainable business model innovation

Alessia Bellini; Innovative procurement as a driver of supply chain innovation for achieving circular economy in the construction sector

Reynaldo Conedera (starting august 2022); Sustainable decission making and business models relation to project business cases


Current MSc students

Sofie Sunde; Measuring sustainability 
Conrad W Tønsberg; Maschine readable standards
Navid Elyasi; The State of BIM, IOT and ML in BCRE industry 
Hanh-Thien Vo; Corona digitalis 
Sinthur Ponnuthurai; How to succeed with real estate


Recently graduated students

Arslan Zahid;  Overcoming Barriers for Sustainability
Mathias Irgens; Overgangen til sirkulære verdikjeder
Reyhane B Raja; Role of digitalization towards circular economy
Patrick J Penacerreda; Improvement in handover from project team to operations team
Kristian Sandaa; Project cost estimations biggest uncertainties


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

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