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Journal publications


  • Gragne, Ashenafi Seifu; Muthanna, Tone Merete. (2017) Capacity of the Kværnerbyen Culvert-Tunnel System: Assessment and suggestions for increased flow capacity. 2017. ISBN 978-82-7598-106-4.
  • de Beer, Hans; Boogaard, Floris; Martens, Vibeke Vandrup; Matthiesen, Henning; Muthanna, Tone Merete; Harvold, Kjell; Seither, Anna; Skogheim, Ragnhild; Vorenhout, Michel; Larsen, Kari Ch.. (2015) Protecting the Past and Planning for the Future: Results from the project “Cultural Heritage and Water Management in Urban Planning” (Urban WATCH). 2015. ISBN 978-82-92935-13-2.
  • Gragne, Ashenafi Seifu; Muthanna, Tone Merete; Alfredsen, Knut; Sægrov, Sveinung. (2015) The Kværnerbyen flood of 2nd September 2015 Reconstruction of the Alna River flows and capacity assessment of the culvert-tunnel system. 2015. ISBN 978-82-7598-093-7.
  • Thorolfsson, Sveinn T; Nordberg, Tone Merete; Brattebø, Helge. (2006) 1st UNESCO IHP VI Workshop: Integrated urban water management in cold climate. 2006. ISBN 82-7598-061-5.