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Background and activities

I am Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, and received my M.Sc. from the same department. I hold a Cand. mag. in Nordic languages and literature and arts- and crafts teaching from the University of Oslo and Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, I also hold a Bachelor in Visual Arts from Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg in The Netherlands.


Research interests

  • Emergence of new technologies
  • Climate change and renewable energy technology
  • Innovation and technology policy and policy development
  • Innovation in socio-technical systems
  • Boundary work and knowledge transfer


My Ph.D project

The PhD programme in Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture covers Science and Technology Studies and Women's and Gender Studies. I work within science and technology studies. In my PhD project I study innovation and learning in energy policy, in particular the role of environmental organizations in rethinking Norwegian energy policy. In the project I investigate how these environmental organizations contribute with knowledge, views and suggestions to administrative systems of authorities and politicians dealing with climate, energy and environmental policy, and what effect this has.

Knowledge and points of views are no doubt transferred from environmental organizations to the authorities, but there is reason to investigate to what extent, and how it happens. Evidence indicates that environmental organizations are used as providers of knowledge to a greater extent than research institutions. Does that mean that environmental organizations act as boundary organizations that convey research to management and political environments? If so, how do these organizations enter into dialogue with politicians and administrators on the subject of sustainable energy, and what is the nature of these dialogues?

In my project I examine empirically how knowledge transfer from environmental organizations to policy developers takes place. Firstly I want to find out how environmental organizations go about obtaining the knowledge and expertise they find relevant in climate, energy and environmental issues. To whom do they turn? Where is the source of their knowledge? How do they process information for further use? Secondly I analyse the communication processes the organizations take part in. Which communication channels and venues do they use to reach out to politicians and administrators?


Project experience

  • My Ph.D. is connected to CenSES - Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies, a national research centre for environment-friendly energy research contributing to an improved knowledge base to promote a more environment-friendly energy system.
  • I participate in the CenSES-project «Practice, innovation, learning and knowledge» (PILK), initiated in 2010, a project analyzing innovation and learning in energy policy. The project especially focuses on how policy actors gather information and knowledge as a basis for rethinking energy policy.
  • Leader of the think tank Grønn Fase ["Green Phase"] for 3 years, mainly connected to Norway's 11 FME's, with the primary commission from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy to contribute with suggestions as to how Norway can contribute with technology to solve global energy and climate challenges.


Other experience of interest