Centre for Technology and Society

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture

Centre for Technology and Society


NTNU's Centre for Technology and Society (CTS) was established in 1988 to study social and cultural dimensions of science and technology.

Since then, the centre has initiated research that covers a wide range of techno-scientific phenomena. Its researchers have analysed policy, innovation, production of knowledge, and everyday life activities. Both historical and contemporary perspectives were used in this work.

Today, with a staff of 40 researchers, the centre is one of the major hubs for Science and Technology Studies (STS) in the Nordic region, and the centre's researchers lead and contribute to major national and international research projects.

A main goal of our research is to illuminate and provide understanding of cultural, political and social features of science and technology in modern society. With this focus we fill a vital scholarly gap overlooked by mainstream humanities and social sciences.