Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture


The research activities of the department is focused on gender, social, and cultural aspects of science and technology. 

The research topics are diverse, covering a wide range of techno-scientific phenomena, and gender and equality issues, historically as well as from a contemporary perspective. The main emphasis is on cultural changes as a starting point for asking new questions about fields of study that the research focuses on

The department strives towards a collectively oriented research culture, where people actively collaborate in their research work. The department has proven successful in maintaining a large share of external funding.


The Center for Gender Studies

- Primary focus on gender and cultural studies

The Center for Technology and Society

- Primary focus on science and technology studies

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PhD programme in Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture

The Department of Interdisciplinary studies of Culture has the responsibility for two PhD courses; KULT8850/8851 "Theories of Science" and KULT8860/8861 "Talk, Text and Interpretation, Doctoral Course in Design and Methodology". 

Follow this link to read more about the PhD programme