The Center for Gender Studies (SKF)

The Center for Gender studies (previously the Center for Women's and Gender Studies) has been part of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture since 1999.  

The Center comprises four permanent members of staff, two Full Professors and two Associate Professors, as well as several Research Associates, Post-Doctoral Associates and PhD students. The group's academic backgrounds cover both the Humanities and Social Science disciplines.

The Center for Gender studies is an integral part of the Norwegian Gender Research field. It is a member of the National Association of Gender Studies and is connected to both Nordic and international research networks.

The Center offers Bachelor level courses in Norwegian and English and a Master's program in Equality and Diversity. The department has a PhD program and the Center coordinates the National Research School in Gender Studies.

Research undertaken at the Center focuses on the ways in which understandings of gender exist in a relational dynamic with other cultural trends. We seek to understand changes in gender relations and the ways in which gender symbols and conceptions about gender contribute towards the production of culture and cultural change. Our research themes cover four areas:

  • Ethnicity, gender and equality, focusing on the interaction between individual and social life.
  • Sexuality, gender and culture, focusing on the study of understandings of sexuality and sexual practices in different contexts.
  • Biopolitics and biotechnology, focusing on the significance of new technology for the understanding of gender, body and reproduction as nature or culture.
  • ICT, Knowledge and Culture, focusing on gender and ICT in organizations and society