Game Technology 4 Health


Game Technology 4 Health

The Game Technology for Health (GT4H) Network brings together knowledge and expertise about serious gaming for health benefits from different research groups across Departments and Faculties at NTNU. The aim of the network is to connect researchers and professionals both within and outside NTNU that develop or use game technology for health, in order to deliver high quality research and advance our knowledge at the best value possible.



Physical inactivity and sedentariness are at an all-time high, with worrying consequences for adverse health outcomes. Furthermore, although there is typically a linear dose-response relationship between amount of physical activity and numerous health outcomes, many individuals do not receive the amount of support and follow-up that would be optimal for health promotion or recovery, nor do they manage to exercise independently as much as they should. Thus, there is an urgent need to reverse the ‘inactivity pandemic’ and use the potential of technology to promote and boost activity levels both in everyday life and during rehabilitation.

Game technology has developed tools to stimulate people to be active, provide instructions and feedback to patients, and maintain motivation and adherence.

At NTNU, several expert teams are working already at the scientific forefront with exergaming, training apps, serious games, and integration with VR/AR technology. By broadening current collaborations and strengthening the network, NTNU is perfectly poised to become nationally leading in this area.

Game Technology 4 Health (GT4H) is a network supported by NTNU Health.



Coordinator Beatrix Vereijken

Co-coordinator Trine Moholdt

Network manager: Mara Gabriela Diaconu