Exergaming for active healthy ageing and rehabilitation

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Exergaming for active healthy ageing and rehabilitation


Eldre kvinne gjør øvelser i trappDecades of research have established physical activity as a key component for healthy ageing and in treating numerous diseases and chronic conditions. However, physical activity levels among elderly are generally low, and rehabilitation typically requires supervision of health care personnel.

The current project develops health care technology based on the concept of exergames as a playful way of exercising to increase overall physical activity, and to administer and monitor patient-specific exercises in rehabilitation programs.

Drawing on expertise from physiotherapy, movement science, user-centered design, and human computer interaction, the next generation of exergame technology will be developed that moves from current screen-based exergames to the use of smart phones, smart watches, smart homes, and smart exercise equipment. These new exergame platforms allow modification of the users´ physical environment in ways that increase physical activity in a playful and purposeful manner.


Photo: Project managers, from left Dag Svanæs, Beatrix Vereijken and Nina Skjæret Maroni.