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Health promotion, prevention and empowerment

Health promotion, prevention and empowerment

Knowledge areas: Health promotion - Preventive medicine - Housing and residential environment - Social, geographical and ethnic differences in health and welfare - Work and health - Health communication.

A successful improvement of public health depends on efforts in all areas of society: in kindergartens, in schools, in the working life, in local communities, through good and safe food, good family relations, well-functioning housing, and access to nature and social meeting points.

Human mastering of these building blocks is the foundation for good health. Lifestyle diseases are an increasing problem, and there has to be a bigger emphasis on prevention.

We have to understand how different forms of technology and material structures can contribute to a better foundation for good health for many people.

It's also important to understand how technology can have a negative impact on people's health by causing loneliness. It is also necessary to contribute to increased health knowledge in the population by giving people the responsibility for their own health.