Sensor Tech Day

Sensor Tech Day

Date: 26 April 2023
Time: 14:00-18:00
Place: Labsenteret auditorium, Øya, NTNU


NTNU Health, along with the enabling technologies Nano and Biotechnology, are organizing a seminar on the use and development of sensor technology in health, well-being, and medical research. What are the needs within the clinic and health services, what kind of technological opportunities are there, and what needs to be addressed in the future?

Researchers, clinicians, students, health workers, and industry representatives are invited to join us for inspiring talks, posters and stands, snacks, and plenty of time to interact with other attendees.


14:00-14:45 Trygve Brautaset (NTNU Biotechnology) & John de Mello (NTNU Nano) Welcome
Anders Revdal (NTNU) A Medical Digital Twin Dream Scenario
Ilangko Balasingham (OUH, NTNU) Extracellular Vesicle-based Biocommunication for Targeted Drug Delivery: Glioblastoma and Heart Failure
  Ole Kristian Forstrønen Thu (St Olavs, VitalThings) Contactless patient monitoring; welfare and medical applications
14:45-15:00 Break
15:00-16:10 Oliver Vanderpoorten (UiT) Single-molecule sizing through nanofluidic confinement
Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg (NTNU) The LiSa story -  the development of a robust vital signs monitoring system for field use
Kristin Steinsbekk (NTNU) in conversation with Thu, Randeberg, and Balasingham  Ethical reflections on sensor technology
  Marius Widerøe (NTNU Health) & Peter Köllensperger (NTNU Nano) Wrap-up
16:10-18:00 Exhibition and refreshments


The registration for this event is closed. Send an email til Liv Falkenberg if you want to attend.


Ilangko Balasingham (OUH/NTNU)
Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg (NTNU/Nordiq Products)
Oliver Vanderpoorten (UiT)
Ole Kristian Forstrønen Thu (St Olavs/Vital Things)
Anders Revdal (NTNU)
Kristin Solum Steinsbekk (NTNU)


Preliminary list of exhibition contributors:

Lærdal Medical: Saving lives at birth
Inventas: MedTech product development and regulative consultancy
CIMON Medical: NeoDoppler
SINTEF Biotechnology and Nanomedicine
VitalThings: Contactless, continuous and automatic monitoring
Bulbitech: BulbiCAM-Functional biomarkers for eye and brain
Vitroscope: Real-time combinatory effects monitoring
Nordiq Products: Makes saving lives easier
Mode Sensors: Wearable bioimpedance sensor for continuous hydration monitoring
Lybe Scientific: Your partner in nucleic acid extraction

NTNU/St Olavs Hospital:

NOR Trials
Troll Labs
NTNU Technology Transfer Office: Technology Transfer for the future
Nils Kristian Skjærvold, Oddvar Uleberg: OxyPatch
Julia Baumgart, Roya Doshmanziari: The Digital Wheelchair
Pawel Sikorski, Nicolai Følstad Austad: Micro- and nanofabrication for biomedical research
Rahmi Lale: Microfluidics applications in molecular biology
Marta Molinas, Andres Soler: FlexEEG: a robotic EEG scanner with automated electrode positioning fo neuroimaging
Håvard Kallestad, Sophia Sylvester: Contact-free assessment of sleep and movement
Dag Breiby et al: Computational bio-microscopy using X-rays and visual light
Ram Narayanan et al: Towards wireless brain-machine interfaces for communication and bio-stimulation
Tomas Holt, Alexander Holt: NTNU Vizlab - Motion capture and visualization laboratory