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Corona virus

Corona virus: Updated information about NTNU's handling of the corona virus outbreak at
COVID-19 and arrival in Norway: Information directed at students moving to Norway


PhD opportunities

NTNU's PhD positions are continuously posted online. A doctoral degree from NTNU qualifies you for a range of jobs both in the public and private sectors.

Master's programmes

Application deadline

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 1 December
EU/EEA / students: 1 March
Nordic students: 15 April

Exchange students

Exchange students who want to take courses at NTNU, or those who want to work with projects, an internship or write their master's thesis.




NTNU supplies COVID-19 tests to Denmark, India

NTNU has signed agreements to deliver as many as one million COVID-19 test kits to DTU, the Technical University of Denmark, and APS LABS, an Indian biotech company.

24 September 2020

Read more about the test | Press contacts for the media

Treatments for COVID-19 show promise in cell culture tests

A team of Norwegian and Estonian researchers have screened 136 safe-in-human antiviral drugs and identified six promising candidates.

15 June 2020

More research news

Polar willows on Svalbard

A tiny arctic shrub reveals secrets of plant growth on Svalbard

It’s not easy being a tiny willow on the wind-and snow-blasted islands of the Norwegian territory of Svalbard. But these shrubs have their tricks.

4 June 2020
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