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Biotechnology relies on the use of cells or part of cells in the production of knowledge, products and services, and includes the use of gene technology and other methods in molecular biology to produce useful products for use in research, medicine, agriculture and industry.

Researchers at NTNU's Department of Biotechnology and Food Science study both basic questions as well as problems with practical applications. We are particularly interested in finding new applications for our national marine resources, as exemplified by advanced biotechnological applications of alginate from seaweeds/bacteria, chitin/chitosan from crustaceans and fish gelatine. We are also working on isolating new marine microorganisms that can produce medicines and other valuable substances, and we employ gene technology and modern analytical methods to understand and optimize processes in bacteria.



Phone: +47 73593320

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Time: Every Wednesday 12:15-13:00

Place/room: Kjemiblokk IV K26

Seminars Spring 2018
(NTNU Intranet)

Coordinators: Kjetill Østgaard
and Cecilie Skagfjord