Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

About Department of Health Sciences in Ålesund

Tue, 27 Dec 2016 12:55:32 +0100

Department of Health Sciences in Ålesund has trained over a thousand registered nurses and specialist nurses over the last years. In addition, it has provided a large number of cross professional programs to qualified nurses. We have 41 staff, including 2 professors, 2 visiting professor IIs, 11 associate professors, 24 assistant professors and 3 PhD candidates.

Our work in clinical education, research and scholarship is closely integrated, relevant to and driven by clinical practice and the development of an evidence based nursing workforce. Our research and scholarship is achieved by multiple kinds of activity and contribution that we value equally (see the section ‘Orbits of excellence’). We also set out details of our Masters Alumni Scheme. Finally, we set out forward planning in strategic priorities and milestones for 2015-2019.

This Department is part of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.