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Illustration of a research nurse sampling blood from a patient.

Seminar: MRI in radiotherapy

The Cancer Clinic and the Clinic for Medical Imaging at St. Olavs hospital are arranging a seminar on MRI in radiotherapy 5 December 2018. The seminar is arranged in collaboration with the Department of Physics, NTNU.


  • Why MRI in radiotherapy?
  • Implementation of MR-only and MRI planner software
  • Radiomics
  • Presentations of ongoing research
  • Panel debate on implementation of MRI in radiotherapy workflow

Invited speakers:

  • Marielle Philippens, University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Lars E. Olsson, Lund University
  • Elizabeth Forde, Trinity College Dublin
  • Tone Frost Bathen, NTNU
  • Adalsteinn Gunnlaugsson, Lund University / Skåne University Hospital


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