About Department of Teacher Education

Department of Teacher Education has Norway's largest academic environment within teacher education and educational research. 

We offer practice-oriented and profession-oriented Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degree programmes. In addition we have a broad portfolio of further education for teachers and school management. 

Our research and our performing art and educational development work is directed towards school, classroom and workshop. Our research contribute to the national and international development of knowledge about learning and education in a lifelong perspective.

We educate teachers for the whole school career, 1st–13th grade, within a wide range of school and vocational subjects. In addition, we offer a Bachelor's degree programme in archive and collection management. Our educations are practice-oriented and profession-oriented and provide a solid foundation for the working life and life-long learning. 

English and Foreign Languages

The Section for English and Foreign Languages have particularly strong research groups who work on multilingualism in the English language classroom and digital competence development in teacher education. These are areas in which we hold external research grants. Other research areas include literature, language, culture and teaching methods in the classroom are described on the academic staff web pages.

The Section for English and Foreign Languages offer English modules within

  • primary and secondary teacher education grades 1-7 and 5-10
  • lower and upper secondary teacher education for grades 8-13
  • English subject didactics within practical-pedagogical education (full-time and part-time)
  • Master of Science in Didactics – English and Foreign Language Education
  • in-service courses for teachers

We also offer modules in

  • French, German and Spanish subject didactics for lower and upper secondary teacher education grades 8-13
  • didactics of foreign language teaching within practical-pedagogical education

The Writing Centre

The Norwegian Center for Writing Education and Research (The Writing Centre) is a national center for stimulating writing, writing education and writing research. Our key target groups are teachers, school-leaders, school-owners, teaching personnel in kindergartens, and teacher educators. The center assists teacher education at universities and university-colleges in school development and teacher learning in writing education.

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