DNA faculty working on optimization

DNA faculty working on optimization

Markus GrasmairMarkus Grasmair is working on inverse problems and image processing. In particular, he is interested in the analysis of variational regularisation methods based on non-quadratic Tikhonov regularisation, specifically for sparsity enforcing models. Within image processing, he mainly works on methods related to total variation regularisation and the Mumford-Shah model, which are used to treat problems like denoising and deblurring of images, but also motion estimation and computation of the optical flow. A common theme in all these problems is that they lead to non-smooth optimisation problems in Hilbert spaces that are tackled with ideas from (generalised, abstract) convex analysis.

Dietmar HömbergDietmar Hömberg

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3D curved surface in color. Figure.
Vector field depicting the movement of the endodermal cells of a zebra fish embryo on the surface of the embryo's yolk. From the paper: Martin Bauer, Markus Grasmair, and Clemens Kirisits. Optical Flow on Moving Manifolds. SIAM Journal of Imaging Sciences. vol. 8 (1), 2015.