Marine Systems Design research

Marine Systems Design research

Marine systems Design

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The Marine Systems Design group do research in marine projects, how to design new systems with excellent performance in the context where the system will operate. Design that meets criteria like good technical performance, low risk, friendly for the environment and with economic efficiency. 

The research activity investigates how to structure concept assessment and analysis within the field of marine technology. Examples can be ships, floaters, and aquaculture.

The systems can be on four levels

  1. Each system within a marine structure, like for example the different parts in a ship
  2. The structure as a whole, ex. the ship as an entity
  3. The structure within a network of similar systems, like for example a floating wind turbine park
  4. The system as a part of the whole value chain or transport system, for example in a shipping company

To view all this, we use research design, design programs, data analysis and for example AIS-data, simulation models and uncertainty models. 

We have researchers specialized in aquaculture and aquaculture structures, ice and ice data analysis, artificial intelligence, new materials, environmental certification, technical performance and more.

We work in the interphase of research and education and use students in our research. 


Projects of the Marine System Design research group

Projects of the Marine System Design research group

The Marine Systems Design group has a strong relation to the maritime industry in Norway, as well as to relevant public and governmental organizations.

Furthermore, the research group has got collaboration agreements with a number of international universities, among others MIT, TU Delft, University of São Pãulo, University of New Orleans, National University of Singapore, KAIST Korea, and Chalmers University of Technology.

In addition to that, the research group is involved in three Centres for Research Based Innovation (SFI). We also participate in FME Nowitech and have been involved in the SFI on Integrated Operations.