Projects of the Marine Systems research group

Projects of the Marine Systems research group

The Marine Systems group has a strong relation to the maritime industry in Norway, as well as to relevant public and governmental organizations. Furthermore, the research group has got collaboration agreements with a number of international universities, among others MIT, TU Delft, University of São Pãulo, University of New Orleans, National University of Singapore, KAIST Korea, and in the future Chalmers University of Technology.

In addition to that, the research group is involved in three Centres for Research Based Innovation (SFI). We also participate in FME Nowitech and have been involved in the SFI on Integrated Operations.

Other projects with involvement of the Marine Systems group:

  • NTNU Industrial Economy (IØT): Marine Systems and IØT have had a close collaboration for many years, specifically on optimization and operations research related to maritime transportation. Prof. Kjetil Fagerholt at IØT is also an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Marine Technology. There are several joint publications, as well as mutual co-supervising PhDs and MSc´s.
  • MARINTEK: Being co-located in the same building, and with highly overlapping research focus, we have ha a close collaboration with MARINTEK on a daily basis for many years. There are strong personal-level relations and extensive collaboration within projects.
  • SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture: As for MARINTEK, close collaboration on a daily basis for many years with strong personal-level relations and project collaboration. SINTEF is further hosting the SFI CREATE (Centre for Research-based Innovation in Aquaculture Technology) which also constitutes an important research partner for the department.
  • The Gemini Centre for Sustainable Fisheries shall contribute to improvements in the governmental basis for the management of marine resources through research collaboration between biology, technology and social sciences. We are also part of a Gemini Centre for Maritime Logistics, together with NTNU IØT, MARINTEK and SINTEF Mathematics.
  • ROSS Gemini Centre: ROSS is an acronym for Reliability and Safety Studies. The objective of the center is to gather the main research competence in Trondheim on risk and safety to enhance the members'2 position nationally and internationally within the field. Regular meetings are arranged in the Gemini Centre to improve teaching and research collaboration. Examples are joint initiatives on research applications, co-supervision of PhD candidates and Master students, and cooperation with respect to lecturing in courses.
  • Joint Centre of Excellence for Arctic Shipping and Operations: A strategic collaboration between NTNU, Aalto University, University of Helsinki and Memorial University, and funded by the Lloyd´s Register Foundation, with a focus on safe arctic transport and operations.

Below are some examples of strategic projects with public and/or private financing that are ongoing or recently completed (as of May 2014), in which Marine Systems has one or several PhD candidates being supervised:

  • KPN project LEEDS ("Low Emission Energy Ships") started 2012, with 6 PhDs and a post doctoral fellow conducting research related to issues of system design, hull and machinery changes to reduce emissions in shipping.
  • KPN project RISKAT on Arctic Marine System Design, where risk based approaches to system design (SHE) and transport vulnerability will be part of the PhD topics.
  • KPN project VIPROMA – Design and verification of complex energy management and control systems on marine vessels: The objective of this project is to develop new technology for safe and energy efficient control of production, distribution, and consumption of electric power. Further, the project aims at preparing for the next step creating a new safety regime for class societies in development and implementation of rules and guidelines for certification, verification, and validation of complex software- based control systems on marine vessels.  
  • KPN project Sustainfarmex – Towards sustainable fish farming at exposed marine sites: The objective of this project is to provide knowledge that enables safe, reliable, and profitable fish farming production and demanding maritime operations at exposed sites. Participating partners are both from research and industry.
  • KPN project D2V – Design to verification, together with Kongsberg Maritime and DNV GL. In this project, improved methods for qualification of technology for power and energy management control systems will be addressed for all system building phases from design to testing.
  • KPN project SIMOSYS, started 2014 together with DNV GL, Ulstein group and MIT, on design stage handling of uncertainty.
  • KPN project NextGenIMR – Next generation subsea inspection, maintenance and repair, started 2014 together with Statoil, FMC and SINTEF. The project focuses on development of novel integrated sensor platforms with robust perception methods and collision-free motion planning algorithms for subsea inspection and light intervention operations.