The overall goals for Green Value Creation (GVC) are to

  • contribute to increased competitiveness and sustainability for industry and public sector by means of environmental value creation
  • facilitate collaboration between researchers and external stakeholders

The research focus of GVC is closely related to NTNU's strategic research area within sustainability. 


Projects our research members are or have been involved in:


SISVI – Sustainable innovation and shared value creation in Norwegian industry - aims to develop knowledge that strengthens the Norwegian industry’s long term competitive capabilities in a way consistent with the concept of shared value.

The EU-funded Circular Ocean project will develop, share and test new solutions and opportunities for processing, recycling and repurposing of marine plastic waste. NTNUs contribution to the project is development and application of decision support tools for sustainability assessments. 

Main purpose of SUSPRO is: to develop knowledge, methods and life cycle decision support for sustainable production of advanced ships in an uncertain and highly fluctuating market. 

PROMAC - Energy efficient processing of macroalgae in blue-green value chains - aims to create new knowledge for energy efficient and sustainable processing and applications of macroalgae as human food and animal feed. NTNU contributes with life-cycle decision support methods and models for sustainable production.