Strategic Research Initiatives

Strategic Research Initiatives



The observed progress in digital and industrial technologies determines the basis for a sustainable future that needs to be resilient, green and digital. Both the green and digital transformation go hand in hand and offer opportunities for Norway and Europe to become leaders. This expands from clean and climate neutral industrial value chains, circular economy and climate-neutral digital systems and infrastructures (network, data centers). Therefore, our research is linked to all other SRI’s. Some of the key aspects of our research are

  • climate neutral, circular and digitized production
  • digitized, resource efficient and resilient industries
  • digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for green deal
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), data and robotics  for the green deal/for industry optimization
  • Open-source for cloud-based solutions (in services and research)


Future Organizations and Working Life

Future Organizations and Working Life

Our research aims to deepen our understanding of future working life across industries and sectors. A number of recent developments may change how we structure and organize work:

  • Increased globalization and worker migration
  • Rapid digital development in automation and virtual technology
  • New ways of organizing work and value chains
  • Faster and larger restructuring processes
  • New and looser contracts between employees and employers
  • Challenges to the unique Norwegian collaboration between employer and labour organizations

What new requirements and challenges do we see for employees and companies? How can we ensure good working conditions and competitiveness in the future?

Research activities include:

  • PhD projects
  • Student projects
  • Projects financed by the Norwegian Research Council


Green Value Creation | Circular Economy

Green Value Creation | Circular Economy

The world is facing sustainability challenges that will require new knowledge and innovations. The research initiative Green Value Creation/Circular Economy aim to contribute with research on sustainability, circular economy, green value creation and energy transition by pooling all relevant research capabilities at IØT. With close collaboration with the industry, public sector and our research partners domestically and internationally, we aim to make significant contributions to a sustainable future. 

Key research areas include:

  • Sustainability innovations
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Circular economy
  • Sustainable finance
  • Corporate venture capital for sustainability
  • Public procurement for sustainability
  • Zero-emission construction/neighborhoods
  • Decarbonization of the energy system
  • Energy transition
  • Strategic optimization of supply chain for sustainability

Main activities are:

  • PhD projects and research projects across research groups
  • Externally funded research applications and projects with domestic and international partners
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Participation in expert panels for policy-making

Health and the Public Sector

Health and the Public Sector

We aim to contribute in cutting edge research on health and public sector, by collaborating with academics and practitioners from different parts of Norway and the world. Our endeavour is to create economic, social, and human value for healthcare and public organizations.

With increasing complexity in the operations and the environment of the mentioned organizations, in addition to political pressure to increase efficiency and reduce costs, innovations are necessary. Through our research, we explore innovative ways of providing services in the future, including digital technologies, and seeks to understand how these innovations affect the organizations and their management.

Our research topics include:

  • Change management
  • Digitalization
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovative public procurement
  • Optimization-based decision support models
  • Planning and control

The main activities in the strategic research initiative on health and public sector are:

  • Seminars for discussing current research and new ideas.
  • Workshops with external partners
  • PhD seminars

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