‘Bildung’ in the age of algorithms

‘Bildung’ in the age of algorithms

The research group consists of cultural- and literary scholars from ISL, UiO and Centre Georg Simmel, EHESS, Paris. We are investigating the social construction of roles and norms in the judicial field, in memory politics and in literature.

The group has an interdisciplinary profile and explores decision-making processes related to situations of conflict and politically motivated violence. Our starting point is  to investigate how collective institutions (law, politics, memorials and museums) deal with such conflicts. Through the analysis of such institutional processes we seek to understand the dynamics of decision making and to reflect on the way ‘Bildung’ can be conceived of in our time.


Workshop in cooperation with The Norwegian University center in Paris (DNUP/CUNP): «Shaping Responses to Violence in the Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks» (30.- 31.1. 2020).

NFR-application with the project «Algorithms we live by: Norms and Narrations in the Rule of Law and Memory Politics” (April 2019).

Workshop on Maurice Halbwachs theory og memory (cooperation with the project “Face of Terror», 8.2. 2019).

Workshop with Jean Lassègue (CNRS): “Crash course on Algorithmic Thinking” (21. 11. 2018).