Medical Ethics

Consultancy and committee work

Consultancy and committee work

The members of REMET advise on ethical questions and participate in a number of committees in research and clinical ethics.

Contact us for questions about research ethics, clinical ethics, professional ethics, or basic issues in medical ethics.

Current REMET representation in Norwegian ethics committees:

  • NEM - The National Research Ethics Committee for Medicine and Health Sciences (Berge Solberg, Deputy Head, Jacob Hølen, Secretary)
  • REK - Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics (Lars Ursin, Member)
  • HUNT4 – Ethics Advisory Board (Lars Ursin, Head, Berge Solberg and Kristin Steinsbekk, Members)
  • KEK - Clinical Ethics Committee, St. Olavs Hospital (Berge Solberg, Secretary)
  • Bioteknologirådet (Bjørn Myskja, Deputy Head)
  • Bioreference Group in the Directorate of Health (Berge Solberg, Member)
  • Biobank Norway Ethics Group (Berge Solberg, Head, Lars Ursin, Member)