Life and housing in Trondheim

Airport transport

NTNU does not provide a pick-up service for international students, but it is easy to get to Trondheim by airport bus. Buses are very frequent and correspond with the arrival times. 

To the student villages

It is easy to get to Moholt Student Village from the airport by bus. 

Værnes-ekspressen - Unibuss

Get on the bus labelled 'Værnes-ekspressen' and get off at Moholt studentby. Note that there are two bus companies servicing Værnes; it is very  important that you choose Værnes-ekspressen as the other company does not go to the student village. A one-way student ticket is NOK 100, and include free transfer to local bus services. You can pay with NOK or credit card. 


Please note that taking a taxi in Norway is expensive! A trip from the aiport to Moholt will cost from NOK 600 and up.

To Trondheim city centre

Airport bus service - Flybussen (Nettbuss)

The Airport bus service will take you to Trondheim city centre. Final stop  at St. Olavs hospital and Sorgenfri station in Trondheim.

Værnes-ekspressen - Unibuss

Værnes-ekspressen serves: Værnes - Ranheim - Solsiden - Royal Garden - Torget - NTNU – Moholt. Free transfer to local bus service. 

Train - NSB

The train takes about 35 minutes from the airport to 'Trondheim S' in the city centre, and is the cheapest option (NOK 80 - if you buy a ticket before you enter the train). However, note that the train is a lot less frequent than the buses. 


Please note that taking a taxi in Norway is expensive! 

Local bus to NTNU

NTNU bus stops

  • Studentersamfundet: Student Society
  • Høgskoleringen: Main Administration Building, Matriculation Ceremony, International House
  • Gløshaugen Syd or Lerkendal gård: Natural Science Building (Realfagbygget)

Use ATB's travel planner to get specific route information.

Fares and tickets

Buying a ticket on the bus is expensive (NOK 60/trip). Cheaper one-way tickets can be bought from a ticket machine or by using Mobillett on your phone.