New incoming international student




We unfortunately cannot guarantee accommodations/housing for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students - however, if any options at the student villages open up you will be informed. International Master's students from non-EU/EEA are guaranteed accommodations if they have paid their deposit within the deadline.
Read more about housing through Sit (the student union) on our website.

If you have questions regarding accommodation, feel free to contact us by e-mail:

If you do not recieve an offer for housing via Sit, there are many other options to explore, both private student villages and private landlords.

Our website will give more information on private housing options

Please be aware that the private housing market has been known to attract scammers, and you should never transfer money without having visited the room in person. 

The "Roof over your head" programme offers temporary short-term accomodation for students who has not secured other housing yet. 


Orientation Week

Orientation Week

The welcome week for new international students will take place from 14 August to 18 August. 

The programme and other information can be found here.

Participation in the welcome week is not mandatory, but we encourage all new students to participate. The programme includes information meetings, hiking, food, fun, and games. The welcome week is a great way to get to know your campus city and your fellow students.

Scam risk - be aware!

Scam risk - be aware!

We have recieved reports of several facebook groups that are inviting and attempting to scam new international students with false housing offers or events.

NTNU does not host a facebook group or page for international students.

The Erasmus Student Network have their own pages which are screened and moderated by them. 

Known scam sites

The following pages are confirmed spam:


We advise against membership in these groups. Please take precautions.

Starting your NTNU studies

Starting your NTNU studies

All student need to register/confirm each semester in Studentweb. 

New students withouth an NTNU user name ned to log into Studentweb with an 11 digit ID number and pin. All international students will recieve their 11 digit ID number and pin in two separate emails to the adress they have used to log into the application portal. In these emails a step by step instruction on how to get your user account and student systems up and running is provided. 

Please remember to check your spam folder if you have not recieved those two emails.


Which category student am I?

Which category student am I?

Depending on what studies you are undertaking at NTNU, we have different categories:

This is the category for most of the international students. You are:

  • Staying for one, or maybe two, semesters
  • Taking courses that will be recognized by your home institution as part of your degree.
  • You have been nominated for the exchange by your home institution
  • You will not recieve a full degree diploma from NTNU when you leave*
  • You are an exchange student if this applies to you, regardless of your current degree level.


TIME students, see below.

Masters degree students are enrolled at NTNU for a full degree course. You will normally be at NTNU for 2 years for the duration of your programme, and you will recieve a degree diploma upon completion of your degree.

This is students on a collaboratory degree programme between two or more universities, like Nordic5Tech or Erasmus Mundus programmes,

Students are enrolled in a masters programme, and will spend one or more semesters at NTNU, and other semesters with one or more of the collaboratorive partner institutions.

This is a sub-gouping of the "Masters students" category. 

Students in this category are taking part in a set course collaboration between NTNU and an international partner, bur the format of the collaboration often differs from project to project.

In most cases, students in this sub-group will be categorized as "exchange students" (due to administrative processes),. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please get in touch.

TIME students are comming to NTNU as exchange students from a partner university, and are nominated spesifically to the TIME programme. Students will follow courses within their chosen degree programme, and will during the second semester of their stay be admitted to their intended masters programme, on the condition that they have fulfilled the requirements of their courses up until this point. 

Students coming to NTNU to write their thesis, undertake a project supervised by a professor, or do lab work - and will not recieve credits from NTNU. 

Placement students are categorized as exchange students, regardless of degree level.

Contact information

Contact information

and opening hours for drop-in

Contact information

Opening hours: 

Weeks 21 August - 1 September

Monday 21 and 28 August: 09.30-11.30 and 13.00-15.00

Tuesday 22 and 29 August: By appointment only

Wednesday 23 and 30 August: 09.30-11.30 and 13.00-15.00

Thursday 24 and 31 August: 09.30-11.30

Friday 25 August and 1 September: 10.00-11.30



Exchange questions:

Visa, financing or immigration:

Masters degree students

Nordic5Tech / ErasmusMundus degrees:

Phone: (+47) 701 61 234

Phone: (+47) 735 38 620

Visa and police appointments

Visa and police appointments

Students from non-EU/EEA countries will require a valid student visa, obtained in advance, in order to be allowed Norway. EU/EEA citizens do not need a visa before arrival. In order to be eligible for a student visa you need to document:

Self-financed students must deposit the required amount to NTNU’s deposit account and submit the confirmation of deposit with their visa application.

Exchange students who are not EU/EEA citizens, but who will be going to NTNU through an Erasmus+ agreement, may apply for a visa upon arrival in Norway, as long as they have a valid Schengen visa. Exchange students with an Erasmus+ scholarship do not need to transfer money to NTNU's deposit account. If you have questions regarding this, please contact our Exchange officer:

Visa applications are continuously being processed by the Directorate for Immigration (UDI) -  see UDIs webpages for further information about visa application.


NTNU books group appointments with the police for all students, and students should attend these instedad of booking their arrival registration themselves*. Appointments will take place during the first three weeks of September.

Ålesund and Gjøvik

Students at NTNU in Ålesund and Gjøvik will receive separate information regarding visa appointments at the police later.




* This is the case even if your visa letter stipulates you need to make an appointment within a week after arrival.

Learning agreements

Learning agreements

Preparing and getting your learning agreement signed is an important part of your exchange stay, and ensures your are able to obtain the credits needed in your studies.

We know that the process can sometimes be hard to follow, so please follow the instructions listed to make the process as easy as possible.

Your home institution will let you know if you need a Learning Agreement, how to make one, and which procedures you need to follow for them to approve on their end.

Learning agreements and course selection

You have been recieved an evaluation for the course selection you submitted when submitting your exchange application. These courses should form the basis of your learning agreement.

Note that we do not evaluate additional courses in the period between sending you your acceptance, and semester start.

Once you have recieved your acceptance letter you can submit your learning agreement (LA), either as a pdf email attachment sent to or through an online mobility portal. 

Do not send us both versions, we will only sign one type per student.

To find out which one you will be submiting, please contact your home university.

If you are submitting the LA through an online portal, please observe some spesific OLA instructions listed below.

If you need to make changes to your course selection after you have recieved your acceptance letter and the evaluation/pre-approval to your initial course list, we will sign the "Part 2 / During the mobility" section of your learning agreement on the following conditions:

We only sign the changes after the NTNU course and exam registration deadline has passed
Any newly listed courses with restrictions will need approval from the course coordinator/department administration
We only sign this part once, so do not send it to us before your course selection is final

When your exchange is concluded you will recieve a Departure Confirmation that documents your exchange period at NTNU.

To document the credits and grades you have obtained during your exchange, you need to generate a transcript in Studentweb. See how to do this here.

Those two documents will cover the information asked for in the "After the mobility" part of your Learning Agreement, and for that reason, NTNU does not sign this part. This is costumary at many of our partner institutions as well, and is generally accepted. 

For the online learning agreement (OLA)

For the online learning agreement (OLA)

You can send us the OLA with the pre-approved courses listed in your acceptance letter.

  • If your home university requires you to include more courses than what you were pre-approved for, you must send a pdf version to 
    • We will not be able to evaluate any further pre-approvals after you have recieved your acceptance letter. If you change any courses, you will need to get this approved after you arrive (see point above regarding "changes to learning agreement").
    • If you are required to get a prelimimary learning agreement with other courses than the ones you have receieved pre-approval to, we can only do this to a pdf-version, since the online portal version will not allow for any conditional approvals to your learning agreement.


  • If your home university does not require you to include more courses than what you were pre-approved for, you can send us the OLA with only the pre-approved courses.
    • When you have finished your course selection and the NTNU course registration deadline has passed, we will sign the changes to the learning agreement with the new courses.

You can submit/send us your learning agreement after you have signed up for your intended courses and the NTNU course registration deadline has passed

After you have gotten the "Before the mobility" part of your learning agreement signed, we will not sign any ammendments to the agreement until after the NTNU course registration deadline has passed.

Any changes after the initial signature should be made to the "During the mobility" part of the agreement, and submitted only after your course selection is final.

If you are staying for a full year, this can be done in your second semester.

Note: We will only sign the two parts of the agreement once per student. Withdrawing or failing a course after the second part has been signed, is not grounds to ammend the learning agreement.



Campus Trondheim

Only applies to students who have deposited money to the NTNU deposit account (non-EU/EEA students)

You will get all, or parts, of your deposit available on a cash card once you arrive. The card can be used as a debit card in Norwegian shops and ATMs, in addition to pay SiT rent via their card terminals, but not for online purchases. Students eligible should therefore make arrangements to open a Norwegian bank account.

The following amount will be deposited on your card: 

Students staying one semester:

A cash card with NOK 60.000 has been prepared for you, and can be picked up at the Office of International Relations.

Students staying longer than one semester:

A cash card with NOK 40.000 has been prepared for you. Once you have been able to open a Norwegian bank account, you should fill out this form to have the remainder of your deposit transferred there.


Campus Gjøvik/Ålesund

Please contact the local International office

Students from non-EU/EEA countries staying in Norway for more than 12 months will automatically be covered by the Norwegian National Health Insurance scheme from the moment they arrive in Norway.

It is however important that you arrangee your own travel insurance before going to Norway. This should be done well in advance of your journey. Please note that there may be special circumstances concerning the corona situation in terms of insurance policies.

Students from EU/EEA countries must bring a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).* 
If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card,you must have private insurance.

*Exemption: Nordic citizens are entitled to medical care under the National Health Insurance Scheme without any insurance documentation.

For more information on insurance, see this page.

On NTNUs e-learning platform Blackboard, you will find complete overviews of your courses and their learning materials, including any messages from course administrators/teachers. You log in to Blackboard with your NTNU credentials and password through NTNU's intraweb: Innsida. (You may not receive this log-in info until shortly before the semester starts).