Research at the Department of Music

Research at the Department of Music


The Department of Music is involved in a broad spectrum of research. Since 2017, NTNU’s Department of Music has presented research concerts to showcase the many facets of work that take place here. In 2020, we initiated the NTNU - Artistic Research Week to foster tighter cooperation and dialogue among NTNU's disciplines and programs that pursue artistic research. In the coming years, this cross-disciplinary cooperation will be further enhanced through our planned arts centre (KAMD), which will combine art, architecture, and music disciplines on the new NTNU campus.

Artistic research is central to the Department of Music, where such work is pursued with equal standing alongside more conventional academic research at NTNU. While these research activities are primarily associated with developing new knowledge of significance for creative music performance and composition, the Department also promotes a strong milieu for artistic artistic research focused on music technology. Our doctoral fellows in artistic research are admitted to a cross-artistic and cross-disciplinary NTNU program which is a collaboration between the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Architecture and Design, respectively. 

Artistic and academic research at the Department of Music are disseminated and manifest through academic monographs and publications in journals and anthologies, concerts and recordings, as well as conference papers domestically and abroad. The Department is also involved in pedagogical research, and it is an active contributor to the cross-disciplinary research network, "Music Education in Development," which is a collaboration between Nord University, Queen Maud's College of Early Childhood Education (DMMH), and the Departments of Teacher Education and Department of Music at NTNU. 

The Department of Music currently has about 80 researchers and performers on staff, which include permanent employees and emeriti, as well as short-term staff and visiting scholars. Our research is mainly conducted within four main fields and environments: