Research at the Department of Music

Research at the Department of Music


The Department of Music has approximately 80 researchers and performing artists including tenured staff, emeriti and temporary or guest researchers.


At musicology research areas includes music history, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, film music, opera, vocal traditions and music in different interdisciplinary perspectives.

Music Technology

The research activity within music technology can be described as a long-term pursuit of productive crossings between musical performance and technological innovation.

Dance Studies

Research within dance studies is broad and includes historical studies of Norwegian and international dance, analysis of movement and dance, sociocultural aspects, anthropological and ethnological studies, philosophical and phenomenological approaches as well as aspects of health and pedagogy.

Artistic Development

Staff employed within the artistic area at the department undertake performing and creative activities. The department assert ourselves, both nationally and internationally, in quality and quantity. Most of the artistic activity is connected to music performance studies, but employees primarily connected to music technology and musicology also practices performing and creative artistic activities.