Research at the Department of Music

Office of a musicology PhD - piano and stacks of paper. Foto.The research at the Department of Music is multi-faceted and diverse. An important base for this diversity is the four study programmes at the department, where the basic approach is through musicology, music technology, dance studies and music performance studies respectively.

The variation is further increased through the different areas of responsibility and interests among the staff at the department.


Projects within the PhD-programme, the programme for artistic research and development and post-doctoral positions is of major importance for the department's research activity. The same can be said about the extensive production the master students have through their master's theses, from different parts of the music discipline. Staff and students at the department also partake in larger projects, both national and international.

The research results from the department's staff is registered in the Norwegian research database CRIStin. In this database the complete listing of the department’s academic production can be found, sorted alphabetically by author. The department's publication and releases (page in Norwegian) includes, in addition to books: academic articles, feature articles, CD (and blu-ray) publications and compositions. This combination of different forms of dissemination also underlines the diversity at the Department of Music.

50 years of Musicology in Trondheim

Musicology in Trondheim marked its 50th anniversary in 2012, and the department arranged the conference Musicology and Professional Practices on that occasion.