Equipment and softwares

Equipment and softwares

We have available several different types of chomatographic and mass spectrometric  instruments. Depending on the analyte and the type of results of interest (quantitative or qualitative) , the instruments will be arranged as required. Scheme below showed the available combinations in our facility.



Designed for the most demanding quantitative UPLC-MS/MS applications of known biological and chemical molecules in complex extracts and mixtures.

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Synapt G2S

SYNAPT enables extensive characterization of complex mixtures and molecules thorugh accurate mass, fragmentation (MS/MS) and ion mobility.

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UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography (UPC2) is a designed chromatographic system that utilizes CO2 as a mobile phase to leverage the chromatographic principles and selectivity of normal phase chromatography while providing the ease of use of reversed phase LC. It allows the manipulation of fluids as gas liquid or supercritical fluids with a wide range of polarities and enables scientists to separate, analyze, and understand compounds that have challenged all other LC and GC technologies.

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ASAP Probe

A useful tool for the rapid direct analysis of volatile and semi-volatile solid and liquid samples using atmospheric pressure ionization. The ASAP technique utilizes heated nitrogen desolvation gas to vaporize the sample and a corona discharge for ionization. It is capable of ionizing low polarity compounds not amenable to ESI, APCI, and APPI at high sensitivity. It can also be used to analyze complex samples without the need for sample preparation or even chromatographic separation.

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Processing Softwares :


Between its abilities are the automated unequivocal elemental composition assignment for thousands of mass spectral peaks, automated generation of  diagrams (such as DBE vs. C#, Kendrick, and van Krevelen plots), automated report construction and much more.

With PetroOrg Petroleomics Software, molecular formulas derived from Waters SYNAPT HDMS data sets are determined for thousands of mass spectral peaks in an accurate and fast way; the software chemically organizes, visualizes the results, and correlates the mobility dimensions with convenient petroleomics methods and diagrams such as DBE vs. C#, Kendrick, and van Krevelen plots.

Combines the value of Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry (IM-MS) and accurate mass information with petroleomics data processing to easily characterize petroleum chemical composition.

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Progenesis QI:

Progenesis QI is the next generation LC-MS data analysis software that enables you to Quantify and then Identify the ‘small molecules’, lipids, and proteins that are significantly changing in your samples. There are two pieces of software: Progenesis QI for small molecules and lipids; Progenesis QI for proteomics for proteins. With support for all common vendor data formats and a highly intuitive, visually guided workflow, Progenesis QI software helps you to rapidly, objectively, and reliably discover compounds or proteins of interest using multi-group experimental designs and with the capability to handle the large sample sets typical of today’s experiments. As well as conventional data-dependent analysis (DDA), Progenesis QI supports Waters MSE and HDMSE data independent analysis (DIA). Uniquely, the software also takes advantage of the additional dimension of resolution offered by ion-mobility separations to give improvements in the accuracy and precision of compound identification and quantification.

Progenesis QI software is developed by Nonlinear Dynamics, a Waters Company. Nonlinear Dynamics focuses resources solely on delivering a single world-leading informatics platform for 'omics data analysis.

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