Frequent ask questions

Frequent ask questions

Would these instruments /analyses help my project? 

Before we are able to answer that question we need to take into consideration:

  1. Type of analyses: Quantitative or Qualitative (Identification)
  2. Are you looking for a specific compound or compounds or are you interested in mapping the plausible content?
  3. Type of molecules you are interested in  :
    1. large molecules  like proteins and peptides
    2. small organic molecules
    3. polar or nonpolar
  4. If you are extracting your analytes, Do you have a extraction method compatible with MS analysis?
  5. Do you have a separation method (LC or GC) or does it have to be developed?
  6. How many samples are you interested/planning to run?
  7. Do you have a spesific deadline for the analyses?

If you need help to answer any of these question , please, do not heasitate to contact us.

Can the analyses be done by a researcher or a student?

It depends on the master/PhD/researcher project and on the number of samples. For example, if the master project is a based on a chromatographic method development were mass spectrometry is use as detector, the student will get training and access to the instruments.

Our engeneers can also run the analyses for you.

Engeneers time price is:

For NTNU users: 494 NOK per hour from August 2020

For external users: 741 NOK per hour from August 2020

How much does it cost?

For NTNU users: 526 NOK per hour from August 2020

For external users: 789 NOK per hour from August 2020

The price gives access to the lab and all the instruments, it also includes solvents, consumables like vials, corcks, micropipets ...etc.

05 Jun 2020 Susana Villa Gonzalez