Fellows Initiative Natural Sciences (FINS)


Fellows Initiative Natural Sciences (FINS)Career development for junior scientists at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences at NTNU has set up the FINS initiative to support excellent junior scientists from outside Norway who plan to submit applications for independent research fellowships (such as Marie Sklodowska Curie Action (MSCA) Individual Fellowships, etc.) in order to pursue an academic research career.

Application process

Applications submitted to the FINS initiative by interested junior scientists will be assessed by the academics from the different departments involved in FINS regarding previous academic achievements, as well as compatibility with research activities of NV faculty members. The assessment process may include interviews with faculty members via Skype. Afterwards a shortlist of candidates will be drawn up. People on the short list will be invited to visit Trondheim (all reasonable travel and accommodation expenses will be covered). This will give the candidates the opportunity to present their past research achievements, discuss future research/career plans with potential supervisors from the NV faculty, receive an introduction into MSCA fellowship writing and get to know one of the most popular places to live and work in Norway. Afterwards the candidate and their respective academic mentors from the NV faculty will write jointly MSCA fellowship applications with an expected submission deadline middle of September 2018 and possible start date for taking up the fellowship (if successful) earliest in April 2019.

The NV faculty appreciates that applications for MSCA fellowships are highly competitive and sometimes even an outstanding candidate may not be successful with an application. Therefore the faculty board has decided to support the FINS initiative with a postdoctoral position fully funded for two years. This position will be awarded to the applicant with the highest score for the MSCA application submitted that is not funded by the European Union.

Application details

Applications have to be submitted via the application tool on this website. Each applicant needs have already published (at least) one manuscript as first author in a peer-reviewed journal. The application has to contain names/contact details of three academic referees, an up to date CV (including publication list) and a research outline document (up to 2 pages), which describes briefly possible research activities the applicant would want to pursue at the NV faculty. This outline should be developed in collaboration with one of the academics involved in the FINS initiative (listed on this website) to ensure that there is sufficient overlap of research interests between the applicant and a possible academic mentor / supervisor at NV faculty. The applicant should also contact the academic referees and ensure that they are willing to provide the reference when requested by email.


  • You need a doctoral degree or at least four years full-time research experience by the time of the call deadline in September.
  • You can only apply if you have NOT resided or carried out your main activity (work, studies, etc) in Norway for more than 12 months in the 3 years before September 2018. Compulsory national service and/or short stays such as holidays are not taken into account.

Deadline for application is Friday, 13th of April 2018

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