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Research projects and initiatives

Research projects and initiatives

The project seeks to chart and analyze how cultural conditions underpin the use of the oceans and to investigate the relationships between the representations, resources and regulations of the high seas and the deep oceans.

The research team approach this through an interdisciplinary effort that links the studies of aesthetical formations with their concomitant implications for legal and regulatory development across historical time and space.

NTNU ARTEC, the Art and Technology Task Force, is a transdisciplinary entity that supports research and artistic excellence through collaborations in the fields of art(s), humanities, and technology within the frame of the university and in collaboration with internal and external partners/stakeholders.

NTNU ARTEC’s aim is to foster transdisciplinary dialogue and innovative research, including artistic research, to support and produce creative practices, and, engage in a critical reflection about the social and ethical dimensions of our technological global moment.

The Art&Ocean Pilot Project at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts at NTNU investigates the role of art addressing global and societal challenges regarding the future of the oceans.

Contact: Professor Florian Schneider.

HAVANSVAR Blue Humanities Initiative – NTNU Oceans Pilot on ethical, cultural, communicative, narrative and historic dimensions of Ocean related research and innovation.

Through a multidisciplinary, humanities based research programme, we aim to build a platform for new knowledge on ethical, cultural, communicative, narrative and historic conditions for sustainable ocean research and innovation.