student active learning in a two campus organization


Students working together with audio

The SALTO project is based on a study situation where the students are divided into two campuses, a highly relevant issue after the structural reform in the University sector. Our aim is to develop effective pedagogy with activity at both campuses at the same time, and with particular emphasis on interaction, resource sharing and communication. We will adopt established strategies for student-active learning and develop them further in a "cross-campus" context:

  • Collaborative learning: Project work, problem-based learning and development projects in groups across campus.
  • Flipped classroom: Development of digital learning materials and common methods for in-depth study, discussion and application of subject matter across campus.

The project will manage and refine a two-campus learning space for physical-virtual interaction across the web, and allow students and teachers to explore educational, methodological, and technological solutions together. More info about SALTO in Cristin.

A new joint master's program in "Music, communication and technology" (MCT) between (Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU and University of Oslo - UiO), constitutes the framework for the project.

We expect to be an open laboratory for "cross-campus" teaching/learning and will regularly share experiences with NTNU-internal and external professional environments.


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