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Master of Science in Naval Architecture

Programme structure

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This master's programme is structured around a real-world engineering project that you will get to work on from day one. You will specialise yourself in the project, getting to know the customer, the supplier industry, and your team as you tackle challenging engineering problems and develop a full-scale prototype.

As you progress through the programme, your direction and management of the project will shape your studies. For instance, your work in the first-year courses will involve in-depth investigation of the system.

Throughout the programme, you'll be developing the prototype and demonstrating your progress to the customer. Your master's thesis will be an integral part of the project, and you'll focus on a selected topic within your work group domain.

It is possible to take one semester abroad during your studies.

Study plan

Krysspublisert - Programme structure Naval Architecture

1st semester

Course name Credits
Fundamentals of Systems Engineering 7,5
Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems 7,5
Programming and Data Analysis 7,5
Introduction to Sustainable Marine Energy Systems 7,5

2nd semester

Course name Credits
Lifecycle Management and Sustainability 7,5
Applied AI and Control 7,5
Computer Aided Engineering 7,5
Mechatronics / Robotics 7,5

3rd semester

Course name Credits
Digital Twin Technology 7,5
Marine Operations 7,5
Specialisation Project 15

4th semester

Course name Credits
Master's Thesis 30

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