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Naval Architect students working in groups. Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNU.
As a student on naval architecture you get access to modern learning facilities. You often work together with your fellow students. Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNU.

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Master of Science in Naval Architecture

Student life

Student mentor Naval architecture

Student mentor

As a new student on Naval Architecture you will get a student mentor the first semester of your studies. The mentor is a student from your study programme who will share their experience and assist you if you have any queries.

The student mentor will arrange social gatherings and give practical information in smaller groups that you are part of automatically.

Krysspublisert - Student organisation product and system engineering

Student organisation - Sigma

In the buddy week you will be welcomed by the student organisation Sigma. 

Throughout the academic year you will be invited to social and professional events such as cabin trips, climbing, hikes, skiing trips, quiz and professional days. All members of the student organisation have access to Sigma’s sailboat located not far from campus. Sigma is also the student organisation of other study programmes at NTNU in Ålesund, so you get to know students outside the study programme that you’re enrolled to.

Learning environment naval architecture

Learning environment

As a student on Naval Architecture you get close contact with lecturers and the academic environment. You get access to laboratory facilities and workrooms such as prototypelab, MANULAB, energylab and more. You will also get your own work space in laboratories and office buildings.

Krysspublisert - Study at NTNU in Ålesund video

Krysspublisert - Student community at NTNU in Ålesund

Student community at NTNU in Ålesund

With its 2500 students, the student community in Ålesund is tight-knit and welcoming. There are various organisations and activity groups that students engage in. The student organisations are based on volunteering and provides valuable experience in management, event planning, and marketing. The students have their own meeting place at Banken studenthus located at campus, were you’ll find pub/café, concert scene and can take part in events like quiz and movie nights.  

Krysspublisert - International Student Union (ISU)

International Student Union

The international students have established a local International Student Union (ISU) branch, called ISU Ålesund. Most international students are active ISU either as board members or plainly participating in the many and various activities they arrange throughout the year.

Why Ålesund?

Why Ålesund?

NTNU in Ålesund is located between fjord, mountain, and ocean. Here you get the perfect combination of city life and outdoor life. The region has fantastic nature and close access to everything from strolls in open coastal landscape, surfing on waves in open sea, to climbing on spectacular mountain peaks in the majestic Sunnmøre Alps. Summer like winter, the nature experiences are for everyone all year around.

Ålesund in a beautiful port with several islands that stretch out in the ocean. Located North in the western fjord landscape surrounded by the majestic Sunnmøre Alps.