ICT and Automation Courses


ICT and Automation Courses

For: Exchange students
Location: Ålesund
Level: Bachelor / undergraduate
Language: English

These courses are offered at NTNU in Ålesund. It is not possible to combine courses from Ålesund with courses in Trondheim or Gjøvik.

Bachelor's degree level / first cycle

Students selecting courses in computer engineering (ID-codes + project) should have basic knowledge from university level of operating systems, data communication and programming.

Students selecting courses in cybernetics/automation engineering (IE-codes + project) should have basic knowledge of microprocessors, object-oriented programming and control theory on university level.

Please check entrance requirements and prerequisites listed in the course descriptions. Course catalogue for 2019/2020 will be published in May, minor adjustments can be expected.

NOTE: Courses with course codes starting with IE will be taught in English provided a minimum of 2 international students attend the course in question. If the number of international students is less than 2, most of the lectures will be taught in Norwegian. In such cases, the department will offer students individual tutoring in English as a supplement enabling students to still attend the course. International students attend training sessions or lab sessions along with other students also in courses where individual tutoring replace lectures.  

Autumn semester 2020

Spring semester 2021

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