Corona and exchange stays

Corona and exchange stays

  • Information for international exchange students planning to study at NTNU:

    • We remain hopeful, and believe, that we will be able to welcome exchange students in the autumn semester of 2021

    • All student exchange stays at the Faculty of Medicine and Health that involves training practice/placements in the health services during the fall semester 2021 are cancelled. This includes:
      • Practice/placements
      Field studies
      Clinical practice
      Any equivalent schemes for student exchange at the MH faculty

    • All exchange to and from countries outside Europe (the EU/EEA, Britain and Switzerland) for the spring semester 2021 is cancelled.

    • No students will be guaranteed student housing

    • Read more about how Corona will affect exchange stays in 2021

  • NTNU student wishing to go abroad? See information on Innsida for Covid-19 updates.

Student housing

Unfortunately, we will have limited student housing availability in the spring semester and we will not be able to guarantee student housing for new students. This means that students might have to find private housing on their own. More information about this will be given later to accepted students.

Placement students

Exchange studies

Placement students

This information applies to students coming to NTNU for a project/thesis/internship, both within and outside of the regular semester dates. All these students must fill in an application for exchange studies at NTNU

Application deadlines

Starting spring semester

  • 1 October for everyone 

Starting autumn semester

  • 1 April for non-EU/non-EEA/Swiss citizens 

  • 1 May for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

Admission requirements

Language requirements

We require all international students to have a good command of English at an academic level and you may need to provide TOEFL/IELTS test scores. Students taking courses in English are not required to have any Norwegian language knowledge.

Requirements for Faculty of Medicine applicants

Please consult the link above for information specific to medical students doing practical or clinical rotations. 

Requirements for Health- and social care applicants

Since NTNU has separate health care departments in Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund, applicants must make sure that their home institution has an exchange agreement with the relevant NTNU department before they apply. Some agreements also provide the opportunity for a combination of practical placement and theoretical studies.

Health- and social care students doing practical or clinical work will have to provide MRSA test results and, in some cases, tuberculosis test results. In addition, you will need to provide police records. 

Application procedures

Application procedures

Step 1: Find courses

You should figure out which courses you want to take before starting your application. Please note that there are no health- or social courses taught in English at NTNU Gjøvik. 

Application procedures

Step 2: Apply using Søknadsweb

  1. Go to the application portal Søknadsweb.
  2. Select language in the top right corner where it says "Norsk bokmål".
  3. Click on "International Applicant".
  4. Click on "Register new international applicant".
  5. Answer the questions. The answer to your question will in no way affect your application, assuming you are considered eligible to apply.
  6. On the question regarding financing, please note that all students who are non-European citizens must have a way to finance their stay in order to receive a residence permit to Norway.
  7. You have now reached the actual application form. Please register as an applicant using your full name as it is written in your passport, but note that you cannot use letters that are not in the English alphabet.
  8. You will receive your password by e-mail.
  9. Log on to SøknadsWeb with your e-mail address and password, and fill in the application details.
  10. Choose 'Select' under 'Exchange student'. Please note that selecting 'Early admission' will not affect the processing time of your application.
  11. In the ‘Extra information' field please fill in the information below in the following order:
    1. Home institution
    2. Courses which you would like to apply to at NTNU. Fill in both the course code and the name of the course. Use course search to find courses. If you wish to do a thesis or project work, please indicate this.
  12. Upload the documents listed in Step 3. 

Please note that there is no "submit button" in Søknadsweb. 

Step 3: Upload documents to Søknadsweb

Step 3: Upload documents to Søknadsweb

The following documents must be uploaded to Søknadsweb: 

  1. Official grade transcripts for all university studies (including grade transcript and diploma from bachelor degree studies)
    • French students should also submit grade transcripts from Les classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles (CPGE)
  2. Translation of grade transcripts if originally in another language than English
  3. List of courses in progress
  4. The personal identification page of your passport 
  5. Documentation of English proficiency if required
  6. A short CV
  7. Additional application form