Fine Art

Master's degree programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Fine Art

– Study environment

Study environment

Picture of students and teachers gathered in a studio.
Photo: Bruce Sampson/NTNU

Our unique environment encourages the MFA students to explore the potential for new practices across different disciplines and technologies.

The Academy of Fine Art is situated outside of the NTNU campus in a former factory building. It is well connected to a small but vibrant local art scene with galleries, exhibition halls and museums. The international MFA program is developed and carried out in an expanding network of partner insitutions across Europe and beyond – with the goal of exploring a variety of different notions of contemporary art and in particular:

How art inhabits concepts of the contemporary that operates in a "globalised" world.

The academic staff at KIT and the visiting artists come from diverse backgrounds. By bringing together different expertise with practical experiences and distinguished artistic careers, the educational setting is designed to prompt students to challenge themselves. And also to push the boundaries of their artistic work and research.

The academic staff

International students

If you are an international student looking for housing in Trondheim, the NTNU can help. Please see the NTNUs website Living in Trondheim for information about housing, living and costs, student organizations e.g.

At the moment the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art is not offering grants or stipends for international students. You might be interested in checking out a list of the main funding alternatives available to international students.