What will I learn

Master in Interaction Design

What will you learn?

Two students sitting in front of a PC screen
Foto: Amanda Jørgine Haug

We are surrounded by technology in our everyday lives, in need of usable and user-friendly solutions. Digital interfaces and interactivity are everywhere, and it is of increasing importance that we ensure inclusive, intuitive and efficient human-computer interaction. 

Brief outline

You will learn

  • to put the users’ needs and requirements first
  • knowledge and awareness of human factors and conditions in interaction and interface design. 
  • system design methodologies and strategies for the usability-optimalization of products and services. 
  • how to initiate, lead and perform usability engineering in research and development projects.

Major areas of study

  • Usability and human factors
  • User-oriented information architecture
  • Strategies in user-centred design

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