Start of studies

Master in Interaction Design

Start of studies

Welcome as a new student at NTNU! Here you can see what happens during the first period of studies. 

Cant't make it to the start of your studies due to the extreme weather?

Are you having problems making it to the start of your studies due to the extreme weather "Hans", please contact the student adviser at your study programme.

Start of studies 2023

Start of studies 2023

Friday 18 August

Place: Mustad industrial park – "Fabrikken"

10:00 Welcome and information from the study program director and other employees
12:00 Introduction to Experts in Teamwork (EiT) and greeting the subject teachers
13:00 We treat you to lunch

Join Buddy week and meet new friends from the first day of your studies!

Master's students who wish to participate must register via this form:

You can meet your buddy group on Monday 14 August at 12:00 on the lawn outside Smaragd building.

Follow Buddy week on Facebook to see what's on.

During the Orientation week, you will get to know NTNU, your city and other international students in fun ways, and learn everything you need to know to get started in Norway and settle in at NTNU. The Office of International Relations arranges the orientation week.

Orientation Week - NTNU in Gjøvik

You can easily get to campus by public transport:

Public transport in Gjøvik (

Find your way on campus

The MazeMap app will guide you to the different buildings and lecture rooms on campus.

Download the MazeMap app for Android (Google Play) and iPhone (AppStore).

NTNU has various part-time classes to help you learn Norwegian as a second language, including a free online course. 

Course timetables - If  there is no timetable, please contact the department responsible for the course

If you have any special needs, NTNU can provide several support services. Read more about special needs accommodation.

For questions regarding special needs on campus Gjøvik, please send an email to

Krysspublisert artikkel - ikke endre - ID: 1314987238

For new international students

Register for courses, create a user account, connect to wireless network etc.

Arrival checklist

Krysspublisert artikkel ID: 1315556005

Join our Facebook group

Feel free to join our Facebook group for applicants in Gjøvik. The information here will be in Norwegian.

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