Career opportunities

Biotechnology (Master's Programme)

Career opportunities

A Masters degree in Biotechnology will give you a solid basis for further careers, both nationally and internationally.

University-trained personnel at the MSc level are needed and being employed both as researchers, advisors and consultants by

  • Hospitals
  • Health services/companies/agencies
  • Environmental agencies
  • Consultancy companies
  • Industrial companies

Graduates of the Masters programme will be also be qualified for practical clinical work and technical executive positions in hospital laboratories as well as different positions in public and government institutions.

Completion of the MSc degree is a qualification for study at PhD level at NTNU or other norwegian or international universities. 

Watch PhD fellow Sofie Snipstad who works as a Postdoctoral fellow at our department of Physics and SINTEF department of biotechnology and nanomedicine. 

Further studies

Do you have passion for research?

If you want profound knowledge within one field of interest, maybe a PhD is something for you?

Paid education: With a MSc degree you can choose among the different PhD programmes offered by the Faculty of natural sciences and technology.

The PhD programmes educate independent scientists on an international level in cooperation with both national and international research environments.

Read more about the relevant PhD-programmes