What will I learn

Students presenting their design project; a game to keep fit.
Industrial Design (Master's Programme)

What will you learn?

The international MSc program in Industrial design focuses on the societal and strategic dimensions of design. In the first year´s design projects students apply and adapt design methods to real problems from the business- or municipal sector. During the second year students are introduced to scientific and theoretical approaches used in design research.

The program structure is quite flexible, allowing students to specialize in either product design or interaction design, while also choosing from a wide range of elective courses from the NTNU course catalogue.

Localized in its own building in the middle of Gløshaugen campus, Norway's technological centre of knowledge, this programme holds an ideal position to contribute to the creation of quality goods and services based on the state-of-the-art knowledge.
This programme combines basic knowledge, insight and working methods from aesthetics, engineering and industrial design. It emphasizes a combination of engineering qualifications and designer skills that gives students an excellent foundation for participation in product development projects. The assignments are designed to give you a taste of a professional problem and demonstrate theories and methods in practice.
After a few years of industry experience, students will have the best fundation for developing qualifications for establishing and managing such projects. Hence, the degree programme is built around projects related to the design of products, goods and services. The tasks are developed around real problems and with a focus on user needs and abilities. Here you will face a design task that awaits a solution.

There are no answers and no limits as to how much you may work with engaging and creative drawing, thinking and building. This work is carried out in close dialogue with and supervision by subject teachers from the Department of Design. Towards the end of your studies you are responsible for formulating the problems you wish to work with, and find contacts in the Norwegian industry.

Is this a suitable programme for you?

The advanced engineering programme Industrial Design is suited for students with a background from engineering/design hybrid educations who wish to specialize within certain areas of this field. An interest in and skills within academic work are expected in addition to practical design qualifications. This programme is best suited for students who see the challenge in formulating their own problems and establishing connections within Norwegian industry and the research environments at NTNU and SINTEF.