Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering

Joint Nordic Master’s degree programme, 2 years

Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering

Hovedbilde - wind - msisee

Picture illustrates wind power perspective

System Integration of Wind Power

MS ISEE Study Track: System Integration of Wind Power - Study plan and Course Table

Year 1 at NTNU: Department of Electric Power Engineering, Senior Engineer Halsten Aastebøl
Year 2 at DTU: Management Engineering – Professor Anne Hauch

Study track focus and goals

In the study track System Integration of Wind Power the participants will achieve a general understanding of wind energy as seen as a part of the total energy system. They will gain specific knowledge on wind turbines but also on the various technologies related to wind energy in a system context. The study track enables the participants to analyse, design, develop and operate wind energy systems. The study track combines socio-economic aspects of sustainable energy with relevant technical disciplines, such as measurement techniques, design of wind turbines, planning and development of wind farms, grid integration of wind energy systems and a relation to smart grid development.

Learning outcome

Candidates with a degree from the System Integration of Wind power study line are qualified for jobs not only in the rapidly expanding wind energy sector, but also in Engineering companies and public bodies carrying out planning and development in relation to wind power and energy systems

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Course Table

Course Table

TET4115 - Power System Analysis 7.5 ECTS

TET4190 - Power Electronics 7.5 ECTS

TEP4175 – Design of a wind turbine 7.5 ECTS

One elective course from list

    TPK4120 Safety and Reliability Analysis 7.5 ECTS
    TEP4223 Life cycle Assessment 7.5 ECTS

Total of 30 ECTS

46400 Wind Turbine Measurement Technique, 10 ECTS

31783 Integration of Wind Power in Power Systems, 5 ECTS

Elective courses from
list 3, 15 ECTS

31786 Wind Turbine Electrical Design, 10 ECTS, Fall
42003 Energy economics, markets and policies, 10 ECTS, Fall
42004 Feasibility studies of energy technologies, 5 ECTS, Fall
42007 Energy systems analysis and scenarios, 5 ECTS, Fall (blocked if TET4135 Energy Systems Planning and Operation are taken)
46100 Introduction to micrometeorology for wind power 5 ECTS, Fall
46211 Offshore wind energy 10 ECTS, Fall (blocked if Marine and Offshore Power Systems taken)
46300 Wind Turbine Technology and Aerodynamics, 10 ECTS, Fall
46320 Loads, Aerodynamics and Control of wind turbines 10 ECTS, Fall
46200 Planning and development of wind farms 5 ECTS, January 3 week

Total of 30ECTS


Thesis , 30 ECTS

Total of 30ECTS

Master Thesis Information

Master Thesis Information